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A Developer’s Guide to Responding to National Security Letters

Perspective: Streaming pivot visualization via WebAssembly

Apple Backs AV1: What Does This Mean for the Future of Video Codecs

Newly Discovered Form of Water Ice Is ‘Really Strange’

Show HN: Ask a Dev

The outdoor community made water filtration a must for a reason

Submittable (YC S12) Is Hiring MBA Candidates for Their Summer PM Fellowship

An Introduction to Cache-Oblivious Data Structures

Venus flytraps don’t eat the insects that pollinate them

Before Its Time: The Internet Public Library (1997)

Nocode: The best way to write secure and reliable applications

Show HN: Cross-platform desktop applications with PyQT

Disabling ANSI color output

In Baltimore, Brazen Officers Took Every Chance to Rob and Cheat

Grammarly shared its tokens with all websites

How Rust Is Tilde’s Competitive Advantage [pdf]

Josef Frank’s Modernist Vision: ’Accidentism’

EINTR and What It Is Good For (2012)

Meet Uber’s software engineer apprentices

Would College Students Retain More If Professors Dialed Back the Pace?

Pale Moon Official Branding Violation – Issue #86 – Jasperla/openbsd-wip

Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle (2012) [video]

People who are less willing to apologize also tend to be less self-compassionate

Oceans and Lakes Are Becoming ’Dead Zones’ Again

Real-time updates without JavaScript

Show HN: Fragmentos fragmentation system

Expedience in “Sourdough” (2017)

OpenPose: Real-time multi-person body, face, and hands estimation

I reported a critical bug and now they started a police investigation on me

Show HN: Browser extension to read HN comments for any url, in ClojureScript

The White Darkness: A Journey Across Antarctica

Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket launches successfully

Show HN: Tet – A todo app that deletes your tasks at the end of the day

German union wins right to 28 hour working week

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch was YouTube’s second biggest live stream ever

Watch the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Today

YouTube suspends Cody’s Lab for making video about homemade gunpowder

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch webcast (live 12:45 PST)

Volatility ETFs Are Broken – $XIV Down 70% in After-Hours Catastrophe

Google Won’t Take Down ‘Pirate’ VLC with Five Million Downloads

Do you need a blockchain?

The Age of Creativity (2017)

UK Hacker Won’t Be Extradited to the US Because American Prisons Are ’Medieval’

FEMA Contract Called for 30M Meals for Puerto Rico. 50,000 Were Delivered

Facebook hired a full-time pollster to monitor Zuckerberg’s approval ratings

Mexicans Afraid of Being in America Create Farm Worker Shortage – Crops Suffer

*Made on Earth by humans*

Is-Vegan – Helps you to find out which food ingredients are vegan

Watch live: SpaceX’s colossal Falcon Heavy may finally fly today

A new experiment: Browser-based web apps with .NET and Blazor

Bitcoin dropping alongside global stock markets, discrediting safe haven theory

McDonald’s: you can sneer, but it’s glue that holds communities together (2016)

Windows 10 S becoming a mode, not a version, as Microsoft shakes up its pricing

How a Blind Doctor’s Code Helped Thousands Read Again (2017)

Seattle software engineer salary and housing (2013 – 2017)

A Short Introduction to Entropy, Cross-Entropy and KL-Divergence [video]

Elementary OS won’t auto-update apps you haven’t paid for, shows donate button

Personalized medicine: Time for one-person trials

Polarization, Partisanship and Junk News Consumption Over Social Media in the US

People have played Spacewar, few on original hardware I want to make that happen

Ehang’s passenger-carrying drones look insanely impressive in first test flights

My HomePod Review (Om Malik)

Uber doesn’t want jury to see report, but judge says Uber is “stuck” with it

Why the tz database should not record sub-second offsets

I secretly started a backpack company in my bedroom

Making the ’IMDB for games’: how we hope to boost discoverability in gaming

A single night of sleep loss impairs working memory in women, but not men

To collect a $560M lotto jackpot, make her name public. She refuses

How Long Is Long Enough? Minimum Password Lengths by the World’s Top Sites

A Driver’s Suicide Reveals the Dark Side of the Gig Economy

Radiation Will Tear Elon Musk’s Rocket Car to Bits in a Year

Show HN: A full-featured BitTorrent implementation in Java 8

Fedora’s Power Tweaks Dropped the Power Use on a ThinkPad by ~30%

Show HN: Document search on Linux

BestBuy has stopped selling cds CDs and it is freaking out consumers

Show HN: The closest thing JavaScript might have to a standard library

Could Our Farms Become the World’s Great Untapped Carbon Sink?

SpaceX successfully deploys the Star man

Eloquent JavaScript 3rd Edition Draft

SpaceX Periscope of Tesla on Way to Mars

Snap shares skyrocket on first earnings beat with revived user growth

Dow Tumbles Over 1,100 Points in Biggest Point-Drop Ever

Stocks are rolling over, Dow falls 1,500 points

HolyJit – Generic Purpose Just-In-Time Compiler for Rust

AI and International Trade [pdf]

The world needs more modest, linear growth companies. Please make some