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Safe injection sites in San Francisco could be first in the US

Protecting sites from Cryptojacking with CSP and SRI

There’s a Global Race to Control Batteries–and China Is Winning

Solid aims to radically change the way web applications work

Slack is the opposite of organizational memory

The Fields Medal should return to its roots

“A thread on the best reading lists I’ve come across so far.”

Pace Layering: How Complex Systems Learn and Keep Learning

Udash – Scala and Scala.js Reactive Web Framework

A transcriber on the Isle of Man can decipher almost anything

Spry Language

Discs from the stone age (2017)

Strace – My Favourite Secret Weapon (2011)

China’s tech leaders have a thing for strange stage props

In Shanghai, a prototype of a new 24-hour convenience store (2017)

Show HN: Generating GraphQL servers for Go

Why does drug resistance easily evolve but vaccine resistance does not?

Containers Will Not Fix a Broken Culture

Ancient kids’ toys have been hiding in the archaeological record

Sulong – A high-performance LLVM bitcode interpreter built on the GraalVM

IPR Process Saves 80 Companies from Paying for a Sports-Motion Patent

Some Notes on the “Andrew Ng” Coursera Machine Learning Course

America Needs a Nationalized 5G Network

The futile comfort of working long hours

Startup Won’t Give in to Motivational Health Messaging’s $35k Patent Demand

Before you manage others, make sure you know how to manage yourself

A Russian Train Stop That Serves One Schoolgirl

Linux’izing your Windows PC into a dev machine

Show HN: Jobder – Find the job match your open source contribution

In Running Like A Startup, Nonprofits Find Success

Answers to front-end developer job interview questions

Chrome extension to play Netflix in 1080p

Arizona Senate votes to accept tax payments in Bitcoin

An Interview with Tom Quisel, Former CTO of OkCupid (2017)

Great Crime Decline:Drawing the right lessons from the fall in urban violence

VP of Marketing in Southeast Asia with Dahmakan (YC S17)

BitGrail lost $170M because only client-side validation was used

Guide to undergrad Machine Learning/AI curriculum at Princeton [pdf]

Android Wear is getting killed, and it’s all Qualcomm’s fault

Show HN: Simple Load Balancer – Golang

Show HN: TechInterview.Club Hack Interviews by Studying Recently Asked Questions

Profiling Code with LLVM: The Woes of Non-Determinism

Show HN: C++ Mathematical Expression Parser and Evaluation Benchmark

UK government sites infected with a cryptominer

35 States allow cops to have sex with prisoners in their custody

Four companies dominate our daily lives unlike any other in human history