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The Economist downgraded the US from “full democracy” to “flawed democracy”

Shipping a Neural Network on iOS with CoreML, PyTorch, and React Native

Australia’s real-time banking payments platform goes live

Unilever threatens to pull its ads from Facebook and Google over ’toxic content’

A surprisingly potent technique can boost short and long-term recall

ZFS 128 bit storage: Are you high? (2004)

Advantages of monolithic version control

Go accepts patches from GitHub pull requests now

Breaking Textbook RSA Used to Protect the Privacy of Millions of Users

Show HN: – Time limited coding challenges for interviews via git

Inspector – A drop-anywhere C++ REPL

The Meta-Problem of Consciousness [pdf]

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy center booster lacked ignition fluid to re-light engines

Picture of a Single Atom Wins Science Photo Contest

Blackbird’s Patent Troll Suit Against Cloudflare Gets Patent Invalidated

C++ implementation of the Jupyter kernel protocol

Lessons from Optics, the Other Deep Learning

Tesorio (YC S15) Is Hiring Lead Data Scientist, Senior Engineers

Equifax under pressure after data breach update

I’m no longer advocating for clean energy; here’s why (2017)

Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Download Onavo, Facebook’s Vampiric VPN Service mines Bitcoin in the browser when you “suppress ads”

Appropriate Uses for SQLite

Show HN: My Weekend Project – Automatically determine date format string

Facebook suggesting security app – it secretly owns – that tracks usage

Mentor organizations for Google Summer of Code 2018

Validating email addresses: A journey down RFC5321 [video]

London City Airport Shut as WW2 Bomb Found in Thames

Roam has constructed an international housing network for digital nomads

Show HN: Turn your GitHub Gist into a live dashboard

Coon – new tool for building Erlang packages

’I really want to find it before I die’: why are we so fascinated by lost books?

Get started with KVM and Kubernetes

Show HN: Remote Desktop from any browser

Electron Band Structure in Germanium, My Ass (2001)

My professional opinion as a blockchain researcher: I don’t see the point (yet)

Tannenbaum’s “Distributed Systems” 3rd edition (2017) free download from authors

I Wrote Down Everything I Learned While Programming for a Month

The American “Empire” Reconsidered

Exploring Simple Game Algorithms with Color Walk: DFS

Inside Facebook’s Hellish Two Years–and Mark Zuckerberg’s Struggle to Fix It All

Unilever threatens to pull online advertising from ‘toxic’ platforms

First high-precision measurement of the mass of the W boson at the LHC

Robots compete in their own Olympics ski tournament, capture our hearts

Bitcoin energy use in Iceland set to overtake homes, says local firm

The best explanation so far of Prisma, the realtime GraphQL database layer

How to Avoid Being Manipulated, Bamboozled and Seduced by Experts and Authorities

Proof-Of-Work is a Decentralized Clock

The Threat to the Mac: The Growing Popularity of Non-Native Apps

Encryption keeps us safe. It must not be compromised with ‘backdoors’

NSA sent coded messages from its official Twitter account

The sexchart is an ascii representation of everyone you have kissed

Sex, Pong, and Pioneers: What Atari Was Really Like, According to Women There

Nix, the purely functional build system

Top 3 Java Performance Improvements we’re looking forward to

Show HN: GUI and Reactive Java API for Shamir’s Secret Sharing

Simon Browne: the soul-murdered theologian (1996) [pdf] moving to GitHub issues for user comments

Lagrange Multipliers Without Permanent Scarring [pdf]

Humblebundle: Functional Programming Books

Elon Musk’s “Innovations” Are Not the Future – They’re Delaying It

Hacker News comments are assigned reading for UC Berkeley CS 10 course

Apple HomePod – The Audiophile Perspective and Measurements

Snapchat’s New Update Triggers Revolt by Millions of Teens

Agilent’s Network Communication Protocols Poster (2001) [pdf]

Bitcoin energy use in Iceland set to overtake homes

Why are children in the same family so different from one another? (1987) [pdf]

“Some people really benefit from hearing advice that everyone knows...”

Show HN: Customer Analytics for your Websites