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Let’s Learn About Waveforms

How to find hidden cameras (2002) [pdf]

Spectre Mitigations in Microsoft’s C/C++ Compiler

Magic Leap One Video – Diffractive Waveguides Confirmed

Stanford researchers develop new method for waking up small electronic devices

Facebook spamming users via their 2FA phone numbers

ITER is a showcase for the drawbacks of fusion energy

Deep CNNs for Image Classification: A Comprehensive Review

Fiat Chrysler pushed a UConnect update that causes constant reboots

Ad Companies Love Google’s Ad Blocker, but Hate Apple’s Privacy Features

Show HN: A Punny 3D Interactive Valentine’s Card

The FBI, CIA and NSA say American citizens shouldn’t use Huawei phones

Facebook is pushing its data-tracking Onavo VPN within its main mobile app

Submittable (YC S12) Is Hiring a Senior DevOps in Sunny Missoula, Montana

The Furby Organ, a Musical Instrument Made from Furbies [video]

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

Serverless Databases: The Future of Event-Driven Architecture

Show HN: Open Source Constellation T-Shirts

The Algorithm Design Manual (2008)

Understanding how Django makes use of WSGI to turn a request into a response

The time has come to remove Facebook from your life (2017)

Building Your Own CDN for Fun and Profit

Deep Reinforcement Learning Doesn’t Work (yet)

How I Have a Universal Phone Number Using Google Voice, Twilio and Stdlib

Germany considers free public transport in fight to banish air pollution

FBI Says Chinese Operatives Active at Scores of U.S. Universities

The Worst Hyperinflations in History: Hungary in 1946 (2014)

Signato – A new font inspired by the Independence of Lithuania

California green-lights initiative that is conspiracy theorist’s dream

Amazon Elastic File System on Kubernetes

Monero Declares War on ASIC Manufacturers

Facebook uses 2FA phone number for status updates

Tesla confirms having produced its 300,000th electric car

The Autonomous Selfie Drone Is Here. Is Society Ready for It?

Picture of Single Trapped Atom Wins UK Science Photography Prize

A British couple who took on Google and cost it £2.1B

After Storm Over Tweets, The Times and a New Hire Part Ways

Performance Benchmark 2018 – MongoDB, PostgreSQL, OrientDB, Neo4j and ArangoDB

Court Dismisses Playboy’s Lawsuit Against Boing Boing (For Now)

The Friendship of Eleanor Roosevelt and Martha Gellhorn

Cloudflare (heart) Open Source: Upgrade to Pro Plan on the House

Introduction and Quick Guide to GraphQL for BackEnd and FrontEnd

Wire Chat App is now actually close-sourced

Dead Algae May Be Responsible for 20% of Tsunamis

Show HN: Use VS Code as a reliable note-taking/journaling app

Sellers are sending Amazon items to strangers to hack verified reviews.

COINHOARDER: Tracking a Ukrainian Bitcoin Phishing Ring DNS Style

Former Apple developer explains why the company’s software is struggling

A new version of BriskBard web browser has been released

Apple Confirms HomePod Can Leave White Rings on Wood Surfaces

Show HN: Get feedback on your side project from other founders and developers

Facebook Funded Most of the Experts Who Vetted Messenger Kids

How Chrome’s built-in ad blocker will work when it goes live tomorrow

Some helicopters have a part called a Jesus nut

How Google et al. drove the web from plaintext to HTTPS

MIT AGI: Future of Intelligence (Ray Kurzweil)

Don’t Use Huawei Phones, Say Heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA – The Verge

Six U.S. intelligence agencies warn against using Huawei phones

Millions of Americans can’t stay home with the flu, so it spreads

Implementation of XKCD 543 – Sierpinski Valentine

Pagetable: Some Assembly Required

“App Developer” bamboozles Redditors as a millionaire using verified profiles

New York Times Made More Than $1B from Subscriptions in 2017

“Implement WebP image support” – Reported 8 years ago

Show HN: Automagically remove phone UI and borders from screenshots

Apple’s HomePod: Paying $350 for a speaker that says “no” this much is tough

The Economy Is Soaring, and Now So Is the Deficit. That’s a Bad Combination

Resurrecting Apple ][ code from a 1980 B movie

Show HN: Open source task manager