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The Benjamin Franklin method for learning more from programming books

Show HN: Bookmarklet to view full size photos from Google Images

Sum Types Are Coming (2015)

Tractor Hacking: Documentary About Farmers Fighting for the Right to Repair

Why I don’t use my real photo when messaging with customers on my website

A Brief Glance at How Various Text Editors Manage Their Textual Data (2015)

Many medical devices on the market have undergone no clinical testing

Deep reinforcement learning doesn’t work yet

Scale API is hiring engineers and ML practitioners

Exquisite Corpse: The Winter of 1947 in Europe

SoYouLearn – A flexible and advanced spaced repetition platform

‘Lede’ vs. ‘Lead’ (2011)

Federal Judge Says Embedding a Tweet Can Be Copyright Infringement

Interpretable Machine Learning Through Teaching

Instagram submits to Russia censor’s demands

Show HN: Gnomecast – A Linux Chromecast GUI with transcoding and subtitles

WebAssembly First Public Working Drafts

Synthesizing Obama: Learning Lip Sync from Audio

New chip reduces neural networks’ power consumption

The Bandwagon – Claude Shannon (1956) [pdf]

When Books Read You, a Defense of Bibliomancy

In 2017, VR Headset Shipments for Most Top Brands Went Down

Stripe: We reached our goal of net-zero emissions in a matter of months

Mathematical Foundations of the GraphBLAS [pdf]

Show HN: Making good Steam games discoverable again

We Don’t Need New Laws for Faked Videos, We Already Have Them

Fnl: zero-overhead Lisp syntax for Lua

An Underground Farm Delivering Rare Herbs to New York’s Top Chefs

Lessons learned while developing Age of Empires 1 Definitive Edition

Memex: open-source full-text search extension for browsing history and bookmarks

How California campuses are fixing the problem of pricey college books

JavaScript Promises Discussion: Make Them Monadic? (2013)

Hey Microsoft, Stop Installing Apps on My PC Without Asking

Real world 4G vs. 5G test shows 14x bandwidth increase

Electronics-recycling innovator faces prison for printing Windows restore discs

Hipster ipsum

The Importance of Taleb’s System: The Fourth Quadrant to the Skin in the Game

Bootstrapping a site builder to $6k in monthly revenue

A collection of things that are Turing-complete by accident (2013)

A math prodigy from Venezuela can’t get MIT financial aid due to exchange rate

FCC’s Inspector General investigating whether Ajit Pai acted inappropriately

Twitter Says Impersonating Journalist During Mass Shooting Doesn’t Violate Rules

Under Russian pressure to remove content Instagram complies, YouTube holds off

It costs $26,000 to mine one Bitcoin in South Korea – and just $530 in Venezuela

K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm in Python and Scikit-Learn

TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks Round 15 Results

Non Von-Neumann Architectures [pdf]

Coinbase is erratically overcharging some users and emptying their bank accounts

Liquid-crystal contact lenses that will be able to switch focus

Age of Empires 2 Scenario Editor Is Turing Complete

Show HN: Objection.js – Yet another ORM for Node.js hit 1.0.0 today

Major new iOS bug can crash iPhones and disable access to apps and iMessages

Manifold Destiny: A legendary problem and the battle over who solved it (2006)

Deep Reinforcement Learning Doesn’t Work Yet

Snapchat petition attracts one million signatures

Russia’s election propaganda weaponized these mainstream news outlets

EFF Urges US Copyright Office to Reject Proactive ’Piracy’ Filters

Windows 10 is adding an Ultimate Performance mode for pros

The Ins and Outs of IBM’s Power9 ZZ Systems

Show HN: Find Similar Logos by Image and Website

UK blames Russia for ’malicious’ NotPetya cyber-attack

Making a case for JavaScript, in-browser Mining

The time spent on practising white board test may not be worthy

Someone Is Sending Sex Toys to Strangers. Amazon Has No Idea How to Stop It

Sex and STEM: Stubborn Facts and Stubborn Ideologies

Google removes View Image button from search results

FCC investigating Ajit Pai changing media rules to benefit Sinclair Broadcasting

Astrophotographer Spots Elon Musk’s Roadster Cruising Through Space [video]

Why more content means distribution is now more important

Micro: a modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor