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Telegram has raised an initial $850M for its billion-dollar ICO

React Native and Yoga Both Given MIT Licence by Facebook

Borneo Lost More Than 100k Orangutans from 1999 to 2015

Graphical linear algebra: from matrixes to monoids

A look at the J language: the fine line between genius and insanity (2012)

ICO startups band together to create $100M+ grant fund for Ethereum projects

Truly native apps using Vue.js and NativeScript

IDEA: A series of nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions

Show HN: Kismet – get an e-mail introduction to a fellow HN member every day

Go 1.10 Release Notes

How to Study Mathematics (2017)

On Being the Right Size (1928)

Zelle users are finding out the hard way there’s no fraud protection

Poor fitness linked to weaker brain fiber, higher dementia risk

Yes, code is data, but that’s not what makes Lisp cool

Accurate Genomic Prediction of Human Height

Ketamine blocks bursting in the lateral habenula to rapidly relieve depression

Show HN: OpenBSD Email Service – A free-email alternative

History of Combinatorial Generation (2004) [pdf]

Robotaxi permit gets Arizona’s OK; Waymo will start service in 2018

How to Focus Intensely [video]

Missing data hinder replication of artificial intelligence studies

PostgreSQL rocks, except when it blocks: Understanding locks

Real-time SFO plane location

How Isaac Asimov shaped robotics and space exploration and predicted the Internet

Feeling Good About the Future of Computer Science

’05 Annual Performance Review: Albert Einstein

Russian opposition leader Navalny’s name shifts snow in Moscow

Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming, Whether You Like It or Not

OpenSCHUFA – Reverse-engineering the algorithm of the German credit score agency

Guy Spends Almost a Year Gluing 42,000 Matches to Make a Giant Sphere

The Jim Roskind C/C++ Grammar

The Breakup Museum: Archiving the Way We Were

Show HN: – Select the greater value

A man who got away with $242M using ‘black magic’

Show HN: Discover places that accept cryptocurrency payments

Just what does “code as data” mean anyway? (2014)

Intelligence and all-cause mortality in a sample of Scottish Mental Survey 1947

CommonMark is a useful, high-quality project

Show HN: High Performance Simple String Processing in C++

MIT Self-Driving Cars: Sacha Arnoud, Director of Engineering, Waymo

UK government should give £10K to every citizen under 55, a report suggests

Inside Russian Troll Farm, the Internet Research Agency (2015)

20 Years Ago: Project Code Rush – Netscape/Mozilla Documentary (1998)

2600 Accused of Using Unauthorized Ink Splotches (2015)

Stripe: Environment

China is re-assigning 60,000 troops – to plant trees

Mueller: Russians conducted information warfare during election to help Trump

90% of American public schools now hold mass shooting drills for students

Go 1.10 is released

FCC Inspector General to Investigate Ajit Pai Over Sinclair Deal

US vs. Internet Research Agency LLC

James Damore’s labor complaint against Google was completely shut down