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What is Debian all about, really? Or: friction, packaging complex applications

Unix: Building a Development Environment from Scratch (2016) [pdf]

Wind Telephone: A disconnected rotary phone for "calling" lost loved ones

The Long, Strange Legacy of One of the World’s Earliest Fake Mermaids

Node-APL: APL interpreter written in JavaScript

What May Be U.S.’s First Drone-Linked Aircraft Crash Is Being Investigated

US Senator demands review of loot box policies, citing potential harm

JMESPath – A query language for JSON

How UK Spies Hacked a European Ally and Got Away with It

Show HN: Simple monthly passive income calculator

Archiving JPEGs for long-term storage

Tutorial: HTTP Client in C with libdill

Commodore KERNAL History

How we built Watsi Coverage without stable electricity, WiFi, or email

Nuggets of Thought – Modern thinkers on business, philosophy of success and life

Scientists Discover Particle Formed by Three Photons

Does wearing glasses weaken your eyesight? (2014)

GitHub Fork and Pull Request Workflow - Quick Reference Guide

Earn a Pirate Certificate from MIT

3 simple tricks for smaller Docker images

Body parts “fall asleep” in English. What about in other languages?

Some C++ good practices from the OpenCV source code

MySQL 8.0 features which will improve a DBA’s life

Tulip mania: the classic story of a Dutch financial bubble is mostly wrong

IronPython 2.7.8 released (includes .NET Core support)

‘99.9999%’ uptime – it’s an illusion

Show HN: Network Dynamics Open Dataset – 2.5M Graphs and 38000 Networks (1TB)

The Age of Unregulated Social Media Is Over

After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more tradespeople

Scammers Are Stealing Bitcoin on Twitter With a Classic Scheme

GoodBlocks – A crowdsourced list of blockchain projects for social good

SpaceX is set to launch its first two test satellites on Sunday

Elliptic Curve Back Door – the Suspicion about Dual_EC_DRBG

Eric S. Raymond gives up on Fedora (2007)

Musk gets permission to do a tiny bit of digging for his Hyperloop

Programming drones to fly in the face of uncertainty – MIT News

China’s tech industry is catching up with Silicon Valley