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Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View [pdf]

Show HN: Decentralized application starter with Vue, Ethereum and IPFS

Project: 2ine – OS/2 emulator for Linux

The 1700 ton telco building that was relocated while running, in 1950

Tis-interpreter: An interpreter for detecting undefined behavior in standard C

Apache OpenWhisk – A serverless, open-source cloud platform

What Made Lisp Different (2002)

Human-sheep hybrids pave way for diabetes cure and mass organ transplants

The Evil Within the Comparison Functions

The random walk of cars and their collision probabilities with planets

Introduction to Apple WatchKit with Core Motion – Tracking Jumping Jacks

Secure APIs Deployed to Kubernetes with OAuth2 Using JWT Tokens Leased by Vault

Monadic I/O and Unix shell programming (2001)

Optimizing global constant data structures using relative references

End-to-end differentiable learning of protein structure

MIDIMonster: Multi-Protocol Translation (MIDI, OSC, ArtNet, Evdev Input)

How NYC’s subway got wireless in the tunnels

Writing a Wayland Compositor, Part 1: Hello Wlroots

Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer

Cure53: Browser Security Whitepaper (2017) [pdf]

Show HN: Easypz.js automatically makes visualizations interactive via pan and zoom

$2 hardware SSH keys storage

Visa confirms Coinbase wasn’t at fault for overcharging users

The Gluten Project: A Search Engine for 35K Certified Gluten-Free Products

Sequential Testing for Determining Cat Chirality

Toyota Prius software fix may reduce fuel efficiency, experts say

A list of swag opportunities for developers

Deprecation notice: Removing anonymous gist creation

Like Peter Thiel, Tech Workers Feel Alienated by Silicon Valley ‘Echo Chamber’

The Wikipedia Zero program will end in 2018

Facebook admits SMS notifications sent using two-factor number was caused by bug

Rochefort – Poor Man’s Kafka

Newly observed optical state could enable quantum computing with photons

Who’s Going to Buy the International Space Station?

Michael Lewis and the parable of the lucky man taking the extra cookie (2017)

Senate Bill 827 could raise height limits throughout San Fran, transform city

Show HN: Raw.macro – Webpack raw-loader implemented as babel-plugin-macros

Countries with more gender equality have fewer female STEM grads

Stop replacing London’s phone boxes with corporate surveillance

Show HN: Chomper – An Internet Blocker for Linux

Machine Learning with TensorFlow is now published

Troy Hurtubise’s dream of fighting a grizzly in homemade armour still haunts him

Herbert Simon: The Architecture of Complexity (1962) [pdf]

ScalaNLP – A suite of machine learning and numerical computing libraries

Traces of Old Egyptian in Eurasian languages?

Professionals need our 4:3 screens

Researchers Say They’ve Created a 90% Accurate Blood Test for Autism

It’s Perfectly Fine to Only Code at Work – Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Inside Vancouver’s Brock Commons, World’s Tallest Mass Timber Building (2017)

Ancient Artists Carved Camels in Saudi Desert’s Stone

Installing PostmarketOS on Mozilla Flame (Weston and Plasma Mobile)

The Navy’s Electromagnetic Railgun Is Both Alive and Dead

Agile Is Dead (2015) [pdf]

DIY underwater monitoring with an Arduino-based logging platform

Phylogenomic Reclassification of the World’s Most Venemous Spiders

We Studied 6,452 SaaS Companies. The Findings Will Make You Grow

Twitter deleted 200,000 Russian troll tweets. Read them here

The Debatable Land: The Lost World Between Scotland and England

Consumption of ultra-processed foods and cancer risk

Migrating Batch ETL to Stream Processing:A Netflix Case Study with Kafka and Flink

Residential solar is cheap, but can it get cheaper? Paths to $0.05 per kWh

Show HN: Cargo – A minimal browser with almost no UI. Contributors wanted!

AWS Lambda Go vs. Node.js performance benchmark: updated

That Grumpy BSD Guy: A Life Lesson in Mishandling SMTP Sender Verification

Game Companies Oppose DMCA Exemption for ‘Abandoned’ Online Games

A Hacker Has Wiped a Spyware Company’s Servers–Again

’Something was weird’: Inside the Russian effort to bamboozle Florida

A scientist captured an impossible photo of a single atom

Performance debugging: from 1.3X slower to 48X faster than Apache Kafka