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Show HN: Hacker News Classics

Machine Theory of Mind

Self-owning corporations are legally possible

China’s Xinjiang surveillance is the dystopian future nobody wants

Yann LeCun vs. Christopher Manning on Need for Priors in Deep Learning

Ranking net worth by age, income, degree, and gender

Stimulus: A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have

Tiny quad-core system-on-module for makers and hardware startups

Google Calendar should prevent spam by default

Aura: shipping software that was delayed for 4 years because of patent licensing

Vaccines against addictive drugs push forward despite past failures

UPS is working on a fleet of 50 custom-built electric delivery trucks

Bigelow Space Operations – B330 Space Station

Crazy new Swedish bill makes sharing music and TV as bad a “crime” as manslaughter

CockroachDB Interactive, D3-Powered Simulations

Space catapult startup SpinLaunch comes out of stealth

Why writing a linked list in safe Rust is so damned hard

Mux is hiring engineers to build the world’s best video infrastructure

My Python Development Environment, 2018 Edition

Self-Censorship in Public Discourse: A Theory of ’Political Correctness’ (1994) [pdf]

Show HN: git self-blame – Blame yourself for others’ mistakes

US border havent properly verified visitor passports for more than a decade

Asian elephants have different personality traits

Unexpected functional programming in Go

U-Th dating of carbonate crusts reveals Neandertal origin of Iberian cave art

Hacker News’s Undocumented Features and Behaviors

Animals Are Losing Their Vagility, or Ability to Roam Freely

Angular to React: Gradual Migration vs. Rewrite from Scratch – Netlify

Introducing Airbnb Plus

Pass-Through Businesses Are Rethinking Their Status in Wake of Tax Law

Batch Normalization for deep networks

Show HN: AppGrid, macOS window manager with Vim–like hotkeys

’The story of a weird world I was warned never to tell’

Robots and lasers are uncovering an ancient, sacred geography

The Shape of Ancient Dice Suggests Shifting Beliefs in Fate and Chance

Anthropocene began in 1965, according to signs left in world’s ‘loneliest tree’

U.S. Border Patrol Hasn’t Validated E-Passport Data for Years

Moscow may use Ethereum based voting blockchain system in upcoming election

Show HN: Headless Chrome Crawler

Tool ’names and shames’ hidden drug trials

Boomtown Seattle: Why we move here – and how we’re all in it together

Snips Uses Rust to Build an Embedded Voice Assistant

The Genomic Health of Ancient Humans

Effect of longer-term modest salt reduction on blood pressure (2013)

IOTA: The Brave Little Toaster That Couldn’t

Computer History Museum 2018 Fellow: Guido van Rossum

Lawsuit from Ex-Google Engineer Says Pro-Diversity Posts Got Him Fired

research!rsc: Defining Go Modules (Go and Versioning, Part 6)

A list of over 4000 fintech startups and companies

Show HN: Create desktop applications by using Python and Flask

The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher

Creative login form using Animated SVG

Sex differences in ability tilt in the right tail of cognitive abilities

Lead and other toxic metals found in e-cigarette ’vapors’

$1,499 floating tent that lets you wake up on the water continues to sell out

Modern C++ isn’t memory safe, either

Net neutrality rules will officially end on April 23

Celebrating 50 years of an unforgettable tale of the desert

Improved Hubble Yardstick Gives Fresh Evidence for New Physics in the Universe

Sergey Brin, my Father, and our obsession with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs

Lighthouse AI: smart security camera with 3D sensing, computer vision and NLU

Sergey Brin, my Father, and our obsession with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs

Why You Should Ignore Every Founder’s Story About How They Started Their Company

I Do Not Like Go

SpaceX tried to catch its rocket nosecone with a giant net – and just missed

NPM update crashes linux systems by changing ownership of core directories

Show HN: Crypto Exchanges Real-Time Monitor

Announcing Dart 2: Optimized for Client-Side Development

The Real “No-Go Zone” of France: A Forbidden No Man’s Land Poisoned by War

New Mapping Shows Just How Much Fishing Impacts the World’s Seas

You should be listening to video game soundtracks at work

Show HN: I built this GitHub Client in React using GraphQL and Apollo

Onward and Upward Together (DigitalOcean CEO Stepping Down)

Show HN: PCI-e device which plays Imperial March on POST

Microsoft readies Python, Java support for its bot-building framework

Add-on clip turns smartphone into fully operational microscope

Pirates Crack Microsoft’s UWP Protection, Five Layers of DRM Defeated

Electric Bikes Want to Take on Everyone – Even Uber

Stock market forces can be modeled with a quantum harmonic oscillator

Defending your app from copies and clones

Here are some of the ways experts think AI might screw with us in the next 5 yrs

Show HN: Used Tesla S price comparison Europe

Show HN: RedditDaily – Top posts from your favorite subreddits emailed to you

Twitter “bot” purge causes outcry from trollerati as follower counts fall

The Unofficial Hacker News FAQ

What’s So Dangerous About Jordan Peterson?