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The Practice is not the Performance: Why project-based learning fails

10,000 year clock gets lowered into Texan mountain

The Philosophy of Computer Science

Keras reimplementation of "One pixel attack for fooling deep neural networks"

Nothing Is Cheaper Than Proof of Work

Java Grinder: Compile Java bytecode to microcontroller assembly

Learning Word Vectors for 157 Languages

Adolescents’ rich and nuanced relationship with risky behaviour

Bitmain, the largest mining hardware company, made around $4B last year

Citi to Refund $330M to Credit Card Customers It Overcharged

Cockpit – Administer Linux servers via a web browser

Manafort Left an Incriminating Paper Trail Converting PDFs to Word

Signatures of positive selection in autism spectrum disorder genes

Walking and rolling of crystals induced thermally by phase transition

Defending your app from copies and clones

One File Linux – live linux distro combined in one EFI file

Mark Cuban says studying philosophy may soon be worth more than computer science

VoiceOps is hiring engineers, salespeople in SF to build AI for B2B voice data

Versioned Go Commands

Goodbye to Eclipse – the end of an era as an Eclipse plugin developer

Show HN: GitHub Trending Repos

Announcing Dart 2: Optimized for Client-Side Development

Under Victorian Microscopes, an Enchanted World

A Guide to Law Enforcement Spying Technology

Oxidizing Fedora: Try Rust and Its Applications Today

Facebook’s Mandatory Anti-Malware Scan Is Invasive and Lacks Transparency

Don’t Know What to Do with Your Life? Seek Bargains (2012)

When the Copyright Office Meets, the Future Needs a Seat at the Table

Building a backup bee: A novel replacement for the embattled honeybee

Emacs Lisp Lambda Expressions Are Not Self-Evaluating

Show HN: LambStatus – Status page system built on AWS Lambda

NLP can predict who responds to psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression

Show HN: Hypnosis app to increase productivity

Silicon Valley Billionaire Wants You Off His Stretch of the California Coastline

Intel 4004 microprocessor oral history panel (2007)

How Dropbox handles downgrades

Elon Musk’s Boring Company Gets Preliminary Permit for NYC-DC Hyperloop

Sheriff Accused OfCorruption Responds: Lions Don’t Care About Opinions of Sheep

New plan to defund space station opens up some surprising possibilities

Two-Way Communication Is Possible with a Single Quantum Particle

CDC employee last seen 11 days ago when he left work feeling unwell

The Construction of Medieval and Tudor Houses in London (1991) [pdf]

The ’loudness’ of our thoughts affects how we judge external sounds

DisneyQuest: 1990s edutainment game made manifest, strange utopian idea run wild

Lawsuits filed against “winner-take-all” electoral system

Why Facebook Is a Waste of Time–and Money–for Nonprofits

Douglas Bader, the legendary legless British WWII ace

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog (1993),_nobody_knows_you%27re_a_dog

YouTube finally notices Infowars is peddling dangerous conspiracies

Can Humans and Computers Mate and Have Babies?

Why I’m still using “Fizz Buzz” to hire Software-Developers

Obesity and Overweight Prevalence for the U.S

Against guilty pleasures: Adorno on the crimes of pop culture

Npm’s real problem wasn’t the code, but how it’s developed, deployed and used

Roman ‘gate to hell’ killed its victims with a cloud of deadly carbon dioxide

Show HN: A serverless chat backend – built on Firebase Cloud Functions

Today is the 25th anniversary of the launch of Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0

Rob Pike: /bin/true used to be an empty file

Show HN: Now UI Dashboard – Free Admin, Design by Invision Code by Creative Tim

Show HN: Automatically rotate slanted images

Is America a ‘Nation of Immigrants’? Immigration Agency Says No

Russian trolls on Twitter ‘rile’ Americans on gun violence