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Dtube – A decentralized video platform using STEEM and IPFS

Konva – HTML5 2d canvas library for desktop and mobile applications

A Unix shell script implementing ACME client protocol

Bohemian Tragedy: The rise and fall of George Sterling’s California arts colony

Abusing Python exceptions to turn a recursive function iterative

Guide to Using YubiKey as a SmartCard for GPG and SSH

Why New Zealand is releasing a rabbit-killing virus

The Substitutability of Physical and Social Warmth in Daily Life (2013)

Veteran Wall Street enforcers are landing new roles in virtual currencies

Most images of black holes are illustrations. Here’s what our telescopes capture

NumPy Exercises for Data Analysis in Python

The Poignant Gulag Art by Stalin’s Doomed Meteorologist

Quartzy (YC S11) Is Hiring Software Engineers (Remote – US or Palo Alto)

The Impact of Zoning on Housing Affordability (2002)

Wounds taking weeks to heal on skin disappear in a week inside the mouth (2013)

Seneca Systems (YC S16) Raises $3.5M to Make Cities More Responsive, Efficient

Usenet, authentication, and engineering: early design decisions for Usenet

China bans the letter N from the internet as Xi Jinping extends grip on power

Show HN: Tiiiny growth ideas for SaaS

Responsive Components: a modern approach to CSS element/container queries

Memory Tagging and how it improves C/C++ memory safety

Collection of Useful CSS Snippets

Announcing Flutter beta 1: Build beautiful native apps

The Erdős paradox: When a mathematical number and Wikipedia collide

Facebook turned on face recognition silently

Show HN: A Chrome extension that tracks front-end JavaScript at runtime

California to allow testing of self-driving cars without a driver present

Scientists use an atomic clock to measure the height of a mountain

Palantir has secretly been testing predictive policing technology in New Orleans

“Money doesn’t interest me” – Creator of Blender talks about its future

Hands-On with the Nokia 8 Sirocco: Reviving Nokia’s ’Dream Phone’ Concept

Cold calling for my startup and how I learned to embrace the challenge

A Day at a Time: Christa Wolf’s Life Under Surveillance

Memcrashed – Major amplification attacks from UDP port 11211

Low-cost EEG can now be used to reconstruct images of what you see

What happens when you put evolution on replay?

House Vote on FOSTA Is a Win for Censorship

California Losing Residents via Domestic Migration

Have We Been Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time?

First neural net run on the Ethereum Blockchain

How bands are escaping the music industry snake pit

AiFi replicates Amazon Go’s checkout-free shopping in any store

China’s web censors go into overdrive as President Xi Jinping consolidates power

New research may beat back bedbug epidemic (2017)

Amazon has agreed to acquire Ring for more than $1B

Google releases info on 2.4M ’right to be forgotten’ requests

Amazon buys Ring, the smart doorbell maker it backed through Alexa Fund

Too many coders work in environments where they are treated as idiot savants

Show HN: I built this simple Trello clone today and launched it before lunch

Xkcd: Code Golf

Show HN: Jiq-web, dig into JSON using jq queries in the browser

Qualcomm Announces the Snapdragon 700 Mobile Platform Series with On-Device AI

Memcrashed – Major amplification attacks from UDP port 11211

How an Ivy League Food Scientist Turned Shoddy Data into Viral Studies

Kleiman v Craig Wright: The Bitcoins that never were

Wright used a font called Otto to forge Dave Kleiman’s signature

Google Shopping now returns no results for searches containing “gun”

Connecticut Hunting Down Online Shoppers Who Didn’t Pay Sales Tax

How Trump Conquered Facebook – Without Russian Ads