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Possible interaction between baryons and dark-matter particles revealed

Schism – A self-hosting Scheme to WebAssembly compiler

Decode Like It’s 1999: MPEG-1 Decoder in JavaScript

Triplebyte Raises $10M from Initialized Capital, Marissa Mayer and Paul Graham

Opening the code of our X-Pack features

Show HN: Lightning Network Search and Analysis Engine

Language Learning for the Dispassionate

Officials Admit Japan’s ’Helicopter Destroyers’ Were Also Designed for Jets

The Smart Set: On Animal Intelligence

Palantir deployed a predictive policing system in New Orleans

The Makefile I use with JavaScript projects

On Chomsky and the Two Cultures of Statistical Learning (2011)

DigiCert Statement on Trustico Certificate Revocation

Show HN: Buy Me A Coffee – A free, fast and friendly way to receive donations

How much money do people need to be happy?

Not the end of The World: the return of Dubai’s ultimate folly

Slack refunds customers 100x amount paid during outage

The water is coming for Copenhagen; good design could be its best defence

LittleThings online publisher shuts down, blames Facebook’s algorithm

Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself

Washington state has passed the country’s toughest net neutrality legislation

Please – A Cross-Language Build System

Number of open faculty positions in CompSci exceeds candidates by a factor of 5

Failed intercept at Dhahran caused by a software error in handling of timestamps

Operation Elop: The final years of Nokia’s mobile phones

Show HN: Web Scraping in Google Sheets

Learn with Google AI

African elephants are migrating to safety, telling each other how to get there

The secret to refactoring code in baby steps

“First direct proof that dark matter is made up of low-mass particles”

Facebook rolls out job posts to become the blue-collar LinkedIn

How Lenders Are Turning Low-Level Courts into Dickensian “Debt Collection Mills”

Germany admits Russian hackers infiltrated Foreign and Defense ministries

What the Grayscale Challenge Taught Us About Phone Addiction

Etymology of “Foo” (2001)

Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Methods for Hackers (2013)

Meltdown-mitigation syspatch/errata now available;sid=20180228225937

Can I Legally Use the “Fluent UI” or Ribbon Design?

State Bank of India: Do not use hacking characters in your password

A video game-playing AI beat Q*bert in a way no one’s ever seen before

Show HN: We built an app to help musicians plan jam sessions with nearby people

Show HN: Domain Wheel – Domain and company name generator

The Cretan Method (2015)

MNIST Handwritten digits classification using Keras, part 1

A video game-playing AI beat Q*bert in a way no one’s ever seen before

The Case Against Tipping in America

Show HN: Lemon-reset – React components that provide built-in browser resets

American companies are suppressing wages for many workers

Colorization Using Optimization (2004)

Method and apparatus for controlling electric currents (1925) [pdf]

Reduction in Firearm Injuries During NRA Annual Conventions

Google Trillian: A Verifiable Data Structure Architecture for Large Merkle Trees

The Invention of the Ford V8 Engine (2015) [video]

Curiosity Tests a New Way to Drill on Mars

Is Denver housing market failing? Borrowers need $90K in salary for typical home

An amusing story about a practical use of the null garbage collector

15 Lessons Learned While Converting from ASP.NET to .NET Core

Polar Vortex breakdown: Icy Europe, balmy North Pole. The world upside down

NOAA’s New GOES-S Satellite Is a Game Changer for Severe Weather Forecasts

Apple Patent Reveals Dual Screen MacBook, and It Looks Incredible

Google’s Slack competitor: now out with bots and threaded conversations

Duo finds SAML vulnerabilities affecting multiple implementations

This Architecture Tastes Like Microarchitecture [pdf]

Israeli Supreme Court Judgement Backs Cryptocurrency Exchange

Show HN: Udemy Clone Template built without code

Steven Pinker makes case for human progress in ‘Enlightenment Now’