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Queryparser, an Open Source Tool for Parsing and Analyzing SQL

Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs

Security Monkey: Monitors AWS and GCP accounts for policy changes

Introducing Uber Health, Removing Transportation as a Barrier to Care

Quantitative analysis of family trees with millions of relatives [pdf]

How Big Deals Kill Companies

LimeSDR Now Backed by the European Space Agency

Diabetes is actually five separate diseases, research suggests

Agent on Demand – Job Offer Negotiation as a Service

Paper is dead, long live paper programming

Astranis emerges from stealth with new satellite tech for connecting the world

New tricks for XFS: support for subvolumes

Uber and Lyft drivers’ median hourly wage is just $3.37, report finds

Henley Passport Index – The number of countries holders can travel to visa-free

Canada begins small modular reactor (SMR) strategy roadmap

OSS-Fuzz – Continuous Fuzzing for Open Source Software

Time to move to C11 atomics? (2016)

Long Term Depression Permanently Changes the Brain

February 28th DDoS Incident Report

A self-contained, brief and complete formulation of Voevodsky’s Univalence Axiom

What Happens to Us Does Not Happen to Most of You

Show HN: Graphite – A decentralized and encrypted Google Docs alternative

Measuring the Health of Our Public Conversations

Pressbooks: An Open Source Book CMS (webbook, EPUB, PDF)

Experimental support for PQC XMSS keys in OpenSSH

In the Wake of Wakefield

Slack client for the terminal

Age of Empires Definitive Edition’s pathing and movement

DoorDash raises $535M, now valued at $1.4B

GitHub teams-like access control without paying for GitHub Organizations

Google-Landmarks: A New Dataset and Challenge for Landmark Recognition

Down and out in Disneyland: study finds most LA workers can’t cover basic needs

Show HN: TransomJS – Rapidly Develop REST APIS on Node Using TransomJS

Random computer simulation produces wealth distribution similar to reality

Beyond React 16 by Dan Ambramov – Async Rendering and React Suspense

Apple/swift-nio: Event-driven network framework for high perf. protocol servers

I Built a Stable Planetary System with 416 Planets in the Habitable Zone

Twitter CEO Admits Company Didn’t Fully Grasp Abuse Problem

Facebook ending News Feed experiment condemned as ’Orwellian’

Equifax finds an additional 2.4M Americans impacted by 2017 breach

Show HN: Shiori – Simple self hosted bookmarks manager

Plant-art: using electrical signals from plants in generative art

Hangouts Chat, Google’s Slack competitor, comes out of beta

BBC adapting Terry Pratchett’s iconic Discworld books for six-part TV series

ICANN seeking input on ceding control of WHOIS privacy to governments [pdf]

Twitter plans to measure “conversation health”

I got my iPhone’s battery replaced, and I’m angry Apple didn’t tell me to sooner

YouTube Hiring for Some Positions Excluded White and Asian Males, Lawsuit Says

Population Heat Map Syndrome

Lego elements will be made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane

Pandora.js – A Manageable, Measurable and Traceable Node.js Application Manager

Free Software Supporter – Issue 119, March 2018

Go Code Colorado

How London’s 7/7 Bombings Led to “Unprecedented” Surveillance Tactics

Trump to Impose Stiff Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum

Why Technical Analysis Is 100% Bullshit

The conservative case against capitalism (2014)

Norway Used NSA Technology for Potentially Illegal Spying

A new recommended career path for effective altruists: China specialist

Craftsmanship–The Alternative to the Four Hour Work Week Mindset

Show HN: Gofaas – Boilerplate Go and Lambda App

Bitcoin-Trading Family Man Faced Years in Prison. Now H’es Telling His Story

2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Artificial Intelligence

2,000 Years of Economic History in One Chart

Memcached Servers Being Exploited to Launch Massive DDoS Attacks

The Powerful Global Spy Alliance You Never Knew Existed

Google Developers – Machine Learning Glossary

How to set up a computer lab for less than $1500 with Raspberry Pi

Quantitative analysis of family trees with millions of relatives

Show HN: Wagtail 2.0 is a big release for our Python CMS

Michael Dell is working on the details of a reverse-merger with VMware

Show HN: Emacs Anywhere – Use Emacs Anywhere

We X-Rayed Some MLB Baseballs. Here’s What We Found

Show HN: Location History Map Explorer – Gamified fog of war world visualisation

Facebook finds no substantial evidence of Russian meddling in EU referendum

Show HN: Prompts – Node.js lib to create interactive CLI prompts

Senior Executives Get More Sleep Than Everyone Else

Show HN: Delighters.js – Add CSS animations to delight users as they scroll