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Two Photographers Unknowingly Shot the Same Millisecond in Time

All of Oculus’s Rift headsets have stopped working due to an expired certificate

Some terrible personal news

Facebook Really Is Spying on You, Just Not Through Your Phone’s Mic

Brain tissue samples suggest we stop growing new neurons in our early teens

Automatic Machine Knitting of 3D Meshes

Show HN: Subform, a UI layout tool

How I Helped Potty-Train My Kid Using Twilio and an AWS IoT Button

Unexpected challenges of making money on the internet

Proseline – Git for prose, in the browser

Java call stack – from HTTP upto JDBC as a picture (2006)

End-To-end Audiovisual Speech Recognition

Body Work: The curiously self-punishing rites of fitness culture

Statement on Potentially Unlawful Online Platforms for Trading Digital Assets

From idea to revenue in 5 working days, thanks to HN

GitHub client built with React, Apollo, GraphQL

Google Skaffold – Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development

Nanowire arrays restore vision in blind mice

The Left-Handed Kid: On the Chinese Typewriter

Show HN: 1-click orders for open source electronics

Comparing AWS Lambda performance of Node.js, Python, Java, C# and Go

Live Coding a Stock Portfolio App

Sulong: Finding Errors in C Programs [pdf]

Show HN: Solving visual analogy puzzles with Deep Learning

Indexing the Fastest Growing SaaS Companies

Handling Overload (2016)

Le Corbusier’s Algerian Fantasy: Blocking the Casbah


Show HN: Convert screenshots of equations to LaTeX

Fund ideas, not pedigree, to find fresh insight

81 Year Old Commodore Amiga Artist – Samia Halaby [video]

Amygdala and the tendency to regard the social system as legitimate&desirable

Leaked Files Show How NSA Tracks Other Countries’ Hackers

Rethinking Residential Zoning

PlanGrid (YC W12) Is Hiring Front End and Back End Engineers and Technical Recruiter

The 12 Signs: How to know when you’re slowly but surely becoming a bad manager

Amazon admits Alexa is laughing at people and is working on a fix

Rhode Island senators introduce bill to require ISPs to block “sexual content”

The forgetting curve explains why humans struggle to memorize

Dressmaking Led Elizabeth Keckley from Slavery to the White House

Blockchain technology is on a collision course with EU privacy law

Supporting virtual reality displays in Linux

Show HN: Retweet disabler/enabler

Helping Cairo, the rendering library

Visual Studio Code February 2018 Update

Research suggests some potential benefits to being a loner

Stack Overflow: Support for OpenID Ends on July 1, 2018

Show HN: Build circuit boards faster with 25,000 free models

Exim Off-By-one RCE: Exploiting CVE-2018-6789 with Fully Mitigations Bypassing

Paleoclimatology: Explaining the Evidence (2006)

Four rules for effective collaboration – Guidelines for better commits

TC39 considers renaming flatten and flatMap to smoosh and smooshMap

For Two Months, I Got My News from Print Newspapers

Show HN: IntelliJ plugin to auto generate boilerplate code for Java unit tests

Why I work remotely (hint: it has nothing to do with productivity)

One smart guy’s frank take on working in some of the major tech companies

“Dig Once” rule requiring fiber deployment is finally set to become US law

Top 4 Strategies Consultants and Freelancers Use to Earn More Money

Kansas man admits to shooting Indian tech workers in bar

With New Juno Results, Jupiter Will Never Stop Surprising Scientists

U.S. Government Strikes Back Against Chinese Investment

Show HN: Optimage 2 – compress images thoroughly

Show HN: I’m working on an easy way to add data to files. Thoughts?

Array.prototype.flatten not Web-compatible because of old versions of MooTools

Let’s Encrypt: securing the automation of ACME DNS challenge validation

Ruby 2.6.0 with JIT now 6x faster than Ruby 2.0.0

The GANfather: The man who’s given machines the gift of imagination

Lazarus 1.8.2 released: cross-platform GUI builder and IDE for Pascal,40273.0.html

Rocket Lab to capitalize on test flight success with first operational mission

How to make epic pancakes with your Japanese rice cooker (2014)

Free, open source alternatives to Slack for team chat

Show HN: Servus – Human Intelligence Blockchain

One smart guy’s frank take on working in some of the major tech companies

With Supreme Court challenge, billionaire could dismantle beach access rights