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Staying awake: the surprisingly effective way to treat depression

Show HN: How to Make an AWS S3 Static Website with SSL

Getting any Facebook user’s friend list and partial payment card details

Geany – Great Light-Weight IDE for Linux and Windows

Tail Recursion Tactics: Fibonacci

Mozilla’s Servo Team Joining Mixed Reality

MIT scientists announce effort to build compact tokamak pilot plant

Writing an OS in Rust (Second Edition)

Show HN: – Make synth music

HALP: High-Accuracy Low-Precision Training

Found trapped in a diamond: a type of ice not known on Earth

Azure Functions – Significant Improvements in HTTP Trigger Scaling

How Dutch Police Took Over Hansa, a Top Dark Web Market

The Lucrative Art of Chicken Sexing (2017)

Analyzing availability patterns in car sharing in Berlin

Ketamine treatment could offer new hope to patients with severe depression

A transportation engineer has a simple solution to potholes: pave better roads

Show HN: – Watch developers code live

Introducing the Second Edition of “The Guide to Marketplaces”

Show HN: Scout – See lower direct hotel rates as you browse online travel agents

Lessons from my first year of live coding on Twitch

Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to seven years in prison

Plasma: Scalable Autonomous Smart Contracts

The mystery of the Roman ’gate to hell’ – CNN

Show HN: LambdaPHP – Host any PHP website on AWS Lambda instantly

How to opt out of Facebook data sharing

Chargehound Is Hiring a Solutions Engineer in Oakland

GitHub: A more connected universe (2017)

Ask for Advice, Not Permission (2015)

The Boring Company will prioritize pedestrians and cyclists

Show HN: We Demand FaaS for Ruby

Apparent use of Sandvine devices for malicious or dubious ends in two countries

Cost of California bullet train system rises to $77.3B, take 5 years more

Learning Rust 1: Printing, Simple Data Types, Variables, and Functions

Central Logging in Multi-Account Environments – AWS Architecture Blog

Grab is acquiring Uber’s SE Asia business

Haskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer Who Gives a Shit

The Social Media Threat to Society and Security by GEORGE SOROS

Testing and Debugging in Production with Distributed Tracing

Run .NET and Node.js Code In-Process on Windows, MacOS, and Linux

How exercise in old age prevents the immune system from declining

Amazon Partnership with British Police Alarms Privacy Advocates

Haskell at Work – Practical Haskell Screencasts

Video Game Developer Says He Won’t Send Takedown of a Bad Review, Does So Anyway

How Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ Saw into the Future

Show HN: – Find a project partner

Show HN: MailDB – Find and verify email addresses

Show HN: React Reveal – simple reveal on scroll animations for React apps

Reddit Still Hosts Links to Russian Propaganda Sites

The C++ Metaclasses Proposal in Less Than 5 Minutes

The Secret to a Longer Life? Don’t Ask These Dead Longevity Researchers

Don’t let TC39 use smoosh or smooshMap

GitHub is forcing me to change my username, and will not tell me why

Same driver, different vehicle: Bringing Waymo self-driving technology to trucks

Waymo self-driving trucks are hauling gear for Google data centers

Show HN: Alsaloudness, a loudness compensation plugin for ALSA

Caffeine and Cannabis Effects on Vital Neurotransmitters in Rats

Waymo to launch a self-driving truck pilot in Atlanta for Google data centers

On its 100th anniversary, the madness of Daylight Saving Time endures

The Right to Repair Battle Has Come to Silicon Valley

Elon Musk takes Donald Trump to task on US-China car trade

Airline websites don’t care about privacy follow-up: Emirates in full-on denial

Ten Hours of Static Gets Five Copyright Notices

Learning from Emilia Romagna’s cooperative economy (2016)

Peter Thiel’s Money Talks, in Contentious Ways. But What Does He Say?

81 Year Old Commodore Amiga Artist – Samia Halaby [video]

Lego will sell its first sustainable pieces later this year

Robinhood Desktop – Open Source

Geek Squad staff ’paid by FBI’ to flag illegal imagery

Google is quietly providing AI technology for drone strike targeting project

Amelia Earhart: Island bones ’likely’ belonged to famed pilot