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TunSafe WireGuard Client for OS X

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This architecture tastes like microarchitecture [pdf]

In Britain’s Playgrounds, ‘Bringing in Risk’ to Build Resilience

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Physicists propose experiment to see the ‘grin’ of quantum gravity

How MOS 6502 Illegal Opcodes Work (2008)

AI Has a Hallucination Problem That’s Proving Tough to Fix

Falcon Heavy and Starman [video]

Technology is transforming the relationship between people and the oceans

Austerity and the rise of the Nazi party [pdf]

Iris Automation Is Hiring a Back End Engineer – Collision Avoidance for Drones

The High-Flying Physics of a Plant’s Exploding Fruits

How the Cold War led the CIA to promote human capital theory

Amazon, Google, Others Are Developing Private Air-Traffic Control for Drones

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How to Code Like the Top Programmers at NASA – 10 Critical Rules

Growth ideas for SaaS

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Kate – A Qt Text Editor for Linux, MacOS and Windows

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Netflix Patches: Company Tests Gamification for Kids TV Shows

Ferro – Simplifying web development, no more HTML

MIT launches multimillion-dollar collaboration to develop fusion energy

Anna: A Crazy Fast, Super-Scalable, Flexibly Consistent KVS