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Frequent versus infrequent developers (in languages and so on)

Studying how the brain relinquishes childhood memories

Report from the Geniatech vs. McHardy GPL violation court hearing

Fountain pen inks: the good, the bad, and the ugly (2011)

Doctor Gets 4 Years in Prison for Insys Opioid Kickbacks

Feds Bust CEO Allegedly Selling Custom BlackBerry Phones to Sinaloa Drug Cartel

Top Replicated Findings from Behavioral Genetics (2016)

Linux beats legal threat from one of its own developers

Mononoke – A Mercurial source control server designed to support large monorepos

Fitter, happier, and other fantasies of modern life

Virtual private networks with WireGuard

How One Sickle Cell Mutation Helped Protect the World from Malaria

My Chumby hacking story: Do you believe in the Users?

Building an Immersive Game with A-Frame and Low Poly Models

Dawn of the Dead NPM Packages

The Linux Information Project

AlwaysOnSSL – A free and automated CA

The naked and the read – Inside the library of Norman Mailer

An Unofficial Julia API Wrapper for Hacker News

Live London Air Traffic in BigQuery

What Time Is It on the International Space Station? (2013)

A 1980s study on juvenile crime in Japan sheds light on American gun culture

Paste: Making slides simple

Railroad Diagram Generator

The OTCA Metapixel in Conway’s Game of Life (2015)

Honey, I shrunk the MP3 decoder (2007)

Tim Berners-Lee: we must regulate tech firms to prevent ’weaponised’ web

Show HN: Coördinator, a visual interface for turning an SVG into XY coördinates

Tengen: Atari Games vs. Nintendo (2015) [video]

Rogue ’Electro-Fishing’ Puts River Dolphins at Risk in Myanmar (2015)

The multi-dimensional chess of Qualcomm vs. Broadcom

One hundred years on from the Spanish Flu, we are facing another major pandemic

Cryptocurrency conference serves attendees cannabis without consent

A-Painter: Paint in VR in Your Browser (2016)

From Doom and Gloom to BOOM and Bloom (2016) [video]

What Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application looked like

The Reproducing Piano – Welte-Mignon (2006)

The Secret to a Longer Life? Don’t Ask These Dead Longevity Researchers

Landis and Gyr Agrees to Leave Documents Up, Then Sends Notice to Take Them Down

Netflix Secrets to Success: Cell Towers, Dubbing, Codecs

Netflix data: 70 percent of viewing happens on TVs – Recode

A Fresh Graduate’s Guide to Software Development Tools and Technologies (2012) [pdf]

Secret management design decisions: theory plus an example

Show HN: Ecoji, a new base1024 emoji encoding

Survey: Most people don’t understand science, want their kids to do it

Seagate to Double HDD Speed with Multi-Actuator Technology,36132.html

Abadoned Kola Superdeep Borehole

Clojure: The Bad Parts (2017)

The Takedown of Uber’s Travis Kalanick (Untold Story)

A huge WhatsApp leak reveals the full fury of the Tories’ Brexit split

Elon Musk still thinks a Mars colony will save us from a future dark age

Show HN: Yet Another Latex Resume Template

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