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Stock trade app Robinhood raising at $5B+, up 4X in a year

Let’s build an MP3-decoder (2008)

Interactive map of Linux kernel

Regular Expressions – Mastering Lookahead and Lookbehind

How to build a brain - An introduction to neurophysiology for engineers

ProtonMail blocked by Vodafone Turkey

Examining overlooked clues reveals how ultrasound could have caused harm in Cuba

As Alaskan Waters Warm, Market Squid Extend Their Reach Northward

How JavaScript works: the rendering engine and tips to optimize its performance

Rust-style resource management in OCaml

Flight Recorder becomes part of OpenJDK

GEMM: From Pure C to SSE Optimized Micro Kernels (2014)

Human-powered cranes and lifting devices (2010)

Intel Publishes Spectre and Meltdown Hardware Plans: Fixed Gear Later This Year

Tiny, Perfect Staircases Made by French Woodworkers

Org-brain – mind-mapping for org-mode

A Usable C++ Dialect That Is Safe Against Memory Corruption

Trump Readies Sweeping Tariffs and Investment Restrictions on China

New Orleans ends its relationship with tech firm Palantir

A Billionaire and a Nurse Shouldn’t Pay the Same Fine for Speeding

Useful APIs that you probably don’t notice

Show HN: Fossa-cli – Fast and reliable dependency analysis for any codebase

A billion reasons never to buy IBM services

Show HN: Stratum – build WordPress-supported applications

Law firm made famous by Panama Papers document leak announces it’s closing

Atomic Commit in SQLite (2007)

Kalium – idiomatic source-to-source translation of Pascal into Haskell

Revisiting an Explorer’s Northwest Passage Disappointment After Nearly 230 Years

Mux is hiring engineers to build the world’s best video infrastructure

Google and LG creates VR AMOLED 120 Hz at 5500 x 3000

Portacle – A Portable Common Lisp Development Environment

Show HN: Coherence API – Modern Serverless Code. Pass a func and it runs online

Open Location Code: Easier location encoding

Why the Automation Boom Could Be Followed by a Bust


Kristen Stewart: Bringing Impressionism to Life with Neural Style Transfer

EU wants to require platforms to filter uploaded content, including code

Waymo shows off what it’s like to ride in a truly driverless self-driving car

Using AI to match human performance in translating news from Chinese to English

Feature extraction without learning using Hierarchical Temporal Memory

When Stephen Hawking Hosted a Time Travelers Party and No One Showed Up

This City Just Passed the First Bitcoin Mining Ban in the US

US-CERT: Russian Cyberattacks on Industrial Control Systems

Eleventy – A simpler static site generator written in JavaScript

TCNs are better than RNNs

Canopy: An End-to-End Performance Tracing And Analysis System [pdf]

OK Go Sandbox

Zig Programming Language 0.2.0 is released

Why is the daylight saving time cutover time 1ms too soon in some time zones?

Safe-money: Money in the type system where it belongs (2017)

Cyberattacks Put Russian Fingers on the Switch at Power Plants, U.S. Says

Blue Vision, which builds collaborative AR, leave stealth with $14.5M led by GV

Here’s why Spotify will go public via direct listing on April 3rd

’GrayKey’ iPhone Unlocking Box Used by Law Enforcement Shown Off in Photos

FBI makes it official: Russia is attacking US energy, water, critical systems

Show HN: Talent vs. Luck – A recreation of the paper’s model

Show HN: Remote Job Lists – Search and filter remote job listings

Step by step tutorial to build a personal journal web app with ReactJS and AWS

A source emailed me his life’s work. Then, he ended his life

Best React UI component libraries for 2018 – part 2. Enjoy

German entrepreneurs celebrating their mistakes

Why Google Sergey Brin was using a robot to put sutures in synthetic tissue

Saudi Arabia cyber attack goal was chemical plant explosion; experts fear retry

The Role of Luck in Life Is Still Misunderstood

Show HN: Where is Sci-Hub now?

Samsung Power Outage Kills 3.5% Of Global Flash For March,36670.html

Florida Pedestrian Bridge Constructed 5 Days Ago Collapses, Multiple Casualties

RIP Google, a ‘Search Engine’ from 1998-2018

Site with future Vulkan tutorials for beginners

Show HN: A spreadsheet for nomads who can’t find someone to travel with

Jack Dorsey is betting that Bitcoin still has a future as digital cash

WebHooks with ASP.NET Core – DropBox and GitHub

Researchers demonstrate existence of new form of electronic matter

Show HN: CryptoFinalFour – Tradable March Madness brackets as ERC-721 tokens

Watch a Wankel Rotary Engine’s Explosions Through a Transparent Housing

Slack wants your feedback on closing their IRC/XMPP gateway

Russian Government Cyber Activity Targeting Energy and Other Critical Sectors

A New Backdoor Around the Fourth Amendment: The CLOUD Act

Show HN: Open Source Directory of High School Hackathons

Largest US radio company iHeartMedia files for bankruptcy

How open is your government? Find out using interactive maps

Evaluation of Generic Convolutional and Recurrent Networks for Sequence Modeling

Amazon Didn’t Kill Toys ’R’ Us. KKR, Bain, and Vornado Did

Common User Experience Fails That Are Easily Fixed

West Coast has 30 or fewer affordable homes for every 100 low-income families

The Case for Writing Papers in Economics Using FaKe LaTeX [pdf]

The Surprisingly Rich History of ASCII Art