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Show HN: Word2Bits – Quantized Word Vectors

LG launches open-source version of webOS

Facebook Security Chief Said to Leave After Clashes Over Disinformation

Startup founders throughout the Midwest are doing something new: staying

At full speed with Python: a book for self-learners

Facebook will hold emergency meeting to let employees ask questions about CA

Physicists discover new quantum electronic material

Sierra Leone government denies the role of blockchain in its recent election

Show HN: libRmath.js – A port of R’s Nmath numeric library to JavaScript

Uber’s New Rival in Australia: An Indian Upstart

Police Say Uber Is Likely Not at Fault for Self-Driving Car Fatality in Arizona

Facebook suspended the account of whistleblower who exposed Cambridge Analytica

Gestalt: A set of React UI components that supports Pinterest’s design language collection on Stephen Hawking

SEC Announces Its Largest-Ever Whistleblower Awards

Impraise (YC S14) Is Hiring DevOps Engineers in Lisbon

Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company

Show HN: URL Canary – Get an alert when someone finds your secrets

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

Someone made 512 icons with pure CSS

Tool obtains all subdomain names being hosted within ASNs/CIDRs/IPs

How I’ve built a profitable Slack bot as a side project in Rails

Introduction to Nvidia RTX and DirectX Raytracing

Machine Learning Spots Treasure Trove of Elusive Viruses

Aerospike, once open-source, deleted GitHub repo and pushed a restricted version

Building a chat app in 8 minutes with Phoenix

The Greenhouse Effect: Eco-friendly glass architecture that incorporates flora

Evidence of Delayed Aging Among a National Sample of Americans

An Analysis of the Impact of Arbitrary Blockchain Content on Bitcoin [pdf]

What is wrong with variational autoencoders?

Some high level information about the Pony programming language

Level 3 technician’s misstep causes largest telephone outage ever reported

What to do about NFS and SIGBUS

Breaking the trillion-rows-per-second barrier with MemSQL

Show HN: LCUI.css – A UI component framework for building LCUI application

Show HN: Noderize – Create Node apps in 30 seconds

I let people run Unsanitized Input on my Database

NYC hotel wants to use a $400M cryptocoin offering to sell ownership like stock

Beyond CI/CD: GitLab’s DevOps Vision (2017)

Real world DNSSEC+DANE for secure inter-domain mail transport [pdf]

FBI Tracked an Activist as They Travelled Across the U.S., Documents Show

Ag robot speeds data collection, analyses of crops as they grow

Webflow – Ecommerce

Xilinx’s Project Everest: 50B gates of adaptive computing? This is a kind of wow

Facebook says it’s hired a forensics team to investigate Cambridge Analytica

The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right

Microsoft joins group working to ’cure’ open-source licensing issues

Two weeks before death, Hawking submitted a paper on parallel universes

Better-sqlite3: A faster Sqlite library for Node.js

What made John Carmack a legend in C++ programming?

Show HN: Interactive Neural Network Web App for Time Series Forecasting

Some people repeatedly win the Wisconsin Lottery. Do they play fair?

CS is a field that hasn’t encountered consequences

Facebook announces forensic audit of Trump data firm Cambridge Analytica

Uber halts testing autonomous cars after Arizona pedestrian is killed

Simple Testing Can Prevent Most Critical Failures [pdf]

Show HN: Can you build a Turing complete system with one AWS IoT Button?

Verizon, AT&T and Comcast Ask Congress to Make Net Neutrality Repeal Stronger

The Nerve Agent Poisoning in England Was a Message to the Rest of the World

FDA Cracking Down on Site That Lets You Take a Vision Test from Home

Software engineer salary numbers in the US

Why Is Kitty Hawk’s Flying Taxi Taking Off in New Zealand Instead of California?

Show HN: Vue.js plugin that handles buttons asynchronous lock with fancy spinner

Show HN: Awesome List with Resources for CTOs and Tech Leaders on GitHub

Anti-Immigrant Ads Aimed at Tech Workers Are Running on Public Transit

Facebook was inside Cambridge Analytica’s office but have now “stood down”

Measuring and Disrupting Anti-Adblockers Using Differential Execution Analysis [pdf]

Cambridge Analytica Uncovered: Secret filming reveals election tricks