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Show HN: +300 Background Gradient Inspiration

The need for tooling and the need for mastering your tools

Storyboarder: free, cross-platform storyboard tool

Uber will not re-apply for self-driving car permit in California

Show HN: Launched my first app where people hum songs for others to guess

Charles Proxy now available on iOS

Japanese Wine Meets Big Data

The Oforth Programming Language

Thinking Machines: Art and Design in the Computer Age, 1959–1989

Show HN: HN Domain Leaderboard

It’s about what broke, not who broke it

GiveCampus (YC S15) hiring engineers to advance educational fundraising

Palantir worked with Cambridge Analytica on the Facebook data it acquired

Windows 7 patch for Meltdown enabled arbitrary reads and writes in kernel memory

Waymo teams up with Jaguar to intro a new, premium self-driving car

Show HN: Hotspot 3D – Compare Phones with WebGL

NYT reporter: “81% ICOs were scams”

Fast, Safe, and Complete(ish) Web Service in Rust

Virtual embodiment challenges our understanding of who and what we are

With Musical Cryptography, Composers Can Hide Messages in Their Melodies

Facebook Container Extension: Take control of how you’re being tracked

Opentrons raises $10M for scientists to automate lab experiments with robotics

Three users sue Facebook over collection of call and text history

State of Clojure Survey 2018 Analysis

Learning to write programs that generate images

NASA reveals delay for Hubble successor

The original pitch for Diablo (1994) [pdf]

Caught between two seas: India’s resilient ‘ghost town’

Several Apple Services are Experiencing Outages

Snapchat is building the same kind of API that just got Facebook into trouble

People are downloading their Facebook data and the results are terrifying

Show HN: Develop an MVP at 1/10 the cost

Show HN: Fubook – license your data for a fee to platforms that want it free Http://

Facebook Container Plugin from Mozilla Isolates Your Facebook Identity

Facebook board member Peter Thiel helped fund Cambridge Analytica’s work

Vintage Cassettes: 1963-2010

Monero Is Less Untraceable Than It Seems

Multiple Android apps use combined permissions to siphon personal data

Lax regulation made it cheaper for China to outsource pork production to the US

Announcing the Second Edition of “Refactoring”

What Are ’Data Brokers,’ and Why Are They Scooping Up Information About You?

If you’ve got it, flaw-nt it: flawed medieval manuscripts

Inquiry finds FBI sued Apple to unlock phone without considering all options

Redux Commander – Simple, declarative side effect bindings for Redux

Free Book: Python Data Science Essentials – Second Edition

Facebook’s Zuckerberg will not appear before British MPs

Intel CPUs Vulnerable to New ’BranchScope’ Attack – SecurityWeek.Com

GIMP 2.10.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

Non-Disclosures, Non-Competes, No Way?

Jaywalkers Under Surveillance in China Will Soon Be Punished via Text Messages

Time to Give Up on Identity Politics: It’s Dragging the Progressive Agenda Down

Why it’s a bad idea to break the rules, even if it’s for a good cause

You might be in a medical experiment and not even know it

Apple V. FBI: Battle Over iPhone Reveals Bureau Mistakes

EFF Asks Federal Circuit Not to Make It Harder to Challenge Software Patents

Lockheed Martin patent for its compact fusion reactor [pdf]

The Invisible Artist: On directing theater

Aussie Telcos Are Failing at Some Fundamental Security Basics

​Kubernetes 1.10: Improving storage, security, and networking

Git Tower v3 beta: interactive rebase, reflog, PRs, more

Show HN: GitHub special files and paths (README, LICENSE, .github, /docs, etc.)

Thinking Recursively in Python (Functions and Data Structures Tutorial)

’The Gig Economy’ Is the New Term for Serfdom

All the information Facebook and Google store about you without you realising

Show HN: JavaScript in 14 minutes

Microsoft to Ban ‘Offensive Language’ and Monitor Your Private Account

AT&T/Verizon lobbyists to “aggressively” sue states that enact net neutrality

FBI had no way to access locked iPhone after terror attack, watchdog finds

The Perfect Birth Control for Men Is Here. Why Can’t We Use It? (2015)

Delta Chat – open-source, email-powered chat application

Show HN: Fermat’s Library is a platform for illuminating academic papers

IBM VP Confirms Stellar Lumens Will Be Used as Bridge Asset

Peter Thiel Employee Helped Cambridge Analytica Before It Harvested Data