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Ripple fully funded every live project on yesterday

Hubble finds first galaxy in the local universe without dark matter

Tesla is overusing automation in Model 3 final assembly, analysts say

Use Turbo Modula-2 Instead of Turbo Pascal Under CP/M? (2013)

Organizational Skills Beat Algorithmic Wizardry (2015)

Facebook Will Cut Off Access to Third Party Data for Ad Targeting

VPN leaks users’ IPs via WebRTC

Tech Bootcamps in Palestine

EMMC Adventures, Episode 1: Building my own 64GB memory card with a $6 eMMC chip

Pose: A declarative motion system for HTML, SVG and React

Facebook pauses app reviews, disables new user authorizations

Will MySpace ever lose its monopoly? (2007)

Gravitational attraction of stars and cows

Gene Medic: retro edutainment game for the Atari 2600 in 6502 assembly language

Missions could see NASA spacecraft heading to Uranus and Neptune

IBM Plex – A new typeface

Show HN: A site that makes Spotify playlists of bands coming to town

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower used same Facebook dataset for own startup

Probabilistic Filters By Example

CLOUD Act, Tucked into Omnibus, Likely to Derail Supreme Court Tech Privacy Case

Detecting integer constant expressions in macros

An NPM package to check if a number is equal to 13

Google Has a Striking History of Bias Against Black Girls

A 48Khz digital music player for the Commodore 64

California’s Housing Laws Should Be Under State Control

It’s Time to Make Our Privacy Tools Easier to Find

RTL-entropy: Uses RTL-SDR to turn a DVB-T dongle into an entropy source

Super long-term kernel support

Lior Ron, co-founder of the self-driving truck company Uber bought, is leaving

AI Podcast – Using Deep Learning to Predict Severe Weather, Save Lives

Arizona governor and Uber kept self-driving program secret, emails reveal

Obama, Facebook and the power of friendship: the 2012 data election (2012)

Are There Any Tetris Games for Mac?

Free SSL with a Custom Domain on GitHub Pages

Copyright and Online Journalism: What’s Going on in New York?

Atlanta government just beginning to recover from ransomware attack

Deleting Facebook? 31 percent of tech workers surveyed say they will

A Crude Personal Package Manager

Show HN: Apply to Date – Create a page where people can apply to date you

Raspberry Pi’s Raspbian Finally Moves Up to Linux 4.14 Kernel – Phoronix

Twitter: This game is bad for you

U.S. Politics Decimating International Business School Applications

Flynn’s 2010 JUONS “was clearly ghost-written by Palantir engineer” (2012)

Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you

A Cyberattack Hobbles Atlanta, and Security Experts Shudder

Tim Cook says Facebook should have regulated itself, but it’s too late for now

Looked through all 14,227 Apollo photos… and made animated GIFs

What We Know About Last Week’s Accident

Google Chrome will finally support casting local files

Drupal Core – Highly Critical – Remote Code Execution

Why I’m quitting GMO research

First look at Tesla’s latest Autopilot (2.5) computer in Model 3, S, X vehicles

Facebook critic: Company ‘will not survive long term’

Cloudflare Is Adding Drupal WAF Rule to Mitigate Critical Drupal Exploit

Waze officially launches its ad program for small businesses

Did Google Manipulate Search for Hillary (2016)

Nearly 1/3 of tech workers will delete Facebook accounts amid scandal, study

The terahertz computer chip is now within reach

Angry Users Donate $120K to Cancer Research After Brian Krebs’ Coinhive Article

How to biohack your intelligence – with everything from sex to modafinil to MDMA

Illinois pension benefits have grown six times faster than state revenues

Drupal Core – Highly Critical – Remote Code Execution – SA-CORE-2018-002

Tesla stock falls 12% after NTSB announces fatal crash investigation

Caddy 0.10.12 Released with ACMEv2 and Wildcard Certificates

Google loses Android case against Oracle, and could owe billions

Andrew Yang is running for president to save Americans from machines

Emails link Palantir and Eric Schmidt’s daughter to Cambridge Analytica

Nasty, 3ft-long parasitic worms are on the cusp of being wiped from the planet

Welcome to the amazing new future, where technology is engineered to betray us