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Former Equifax Executive Charged with Insider Trading

Wapp – a single-file web framework by the creator of SQLite

The Forgotten Drink That Caffeinated North America for Centuries

FCC Authorizes SpaceX to Provide Broadband Satellite Services

CockroachDB 2.0 Performance Makes Significant Strides

File consistency (2015)

Qatar’s F-15s Will Feature New ’Low Profile’ Heads Up Display and New Cockpit

WRLD and Udacity Create 3D Simulator for Flying and Autonomous Cars

E.P.A. Prepares to Roll Back Rules Requiring Cars Be Cleaner and More Efficient

How React Increased Animation Performance Using Fiber

React v16.3.0: New lifecycles and context API

ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018 review: The only laptop in a professional’s paradise

Million-dollar Strads fall to modern violins in blind ‘sound check’

Tesla issues its largest recall ever over faulty Model S steering

’PC Building Simulator’ Is More Fun Than Building a Real Computer

Tesla is overusing automation in Model 3 final assembly – analysts

Google removes ‘Kodi’ from search autocomplete in anti-piracy effort

Show HN: Turn indented text into mind maps

The tech workers who are engineering a mid-30s retirement

Generating $32,000 in 30 days selling a crypto-filled USB stick

Tesla Looked Like the Future, Now Some Ask If It Has One

Uber Is Ripping Off Frequent Riders and Here’s How to Avoid It

Eating out linked to higher BPA and Phthalate levels

The Finns who refuse to give up on Sailfish OS

Fact Checking “The Founder”

Show HN: Blog made with CouchDB/PouchDB

Fourier Theoretic Probabilistic Inference Over Permutations [pdf]

Explaining the Success of Nearest Neighbor Methods in Prediction [pdf]

The FBI Used Classified Hacking Tools in Ordinary Criminal Investigations

Snap is laying off 100 employees mostly in advertising and sales

Toyota executive: Self-driving cars could kill 100s but save tens of thousands

Show HN: C library for Linux to easily create modular projects

Show HN: – AI Generated Web Dev Questions

Facebook Executive Defended Data Collection in 2016 Memo, While Warning of Death

Chives DNS resolver (1988)

CAF – A Scalable Software Platform for Distributed, Heterogeneous Environments

Teaching machines to spot essential information in physical systems

‘Nobody is using it’: Amazon Spark is not taking off with brands, agencies

Hardcoded “cisco/cisco” username found in Cisco iOS XE 16.x

Cambridge Analytica files spell out election tactics

“I found a hard drive in my garage with the original Reddit Lisp code from 2005”

Moody’s downgrades Tesla’s corporate family rating to B3. Outlook is negative

Making the Cut: Lattice Kirigami Rules (2014)

TV advertising has hit a wall thanks to streaming options like Netflix

High housing costs and long commutes drive more workers to sleep in cars

US to seek social media details from all visa applicants

Using peer review to avoid a computing-induced apocalypse

As Bitcoin goes bust, one classic market signal is pointing to more pain

USDA Lab Turning Almond Waste into Beer, Plastic and Power

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner Kept His Promise of a Criminal Justice Revolution

Here’s What 20+ In-Q-Tel Investments Said About Taking the CIA’s Money

How Dark Patterns Trick You Online

China’s defunct space lab expected to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere this weekend

How Intercom built their interview process to be personal and transparent

Show HN: Toweber – Get Feedback on Your Website for Free

This spacecraft will get closer to the Sun than any before it–without melting

The First Prank Calls Were Surprisingly Morbid

Trump Attacks Amazon, Saying It Does Not Pay Enough Taxes

EBPF, Sockets, Hop Distance and Manually Writing EBPF Assembly

Telegram connection issues in Europe

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Sought to Open an Animal Testing Facility in San Francisco

Under Armour admits data breach affected approximately 150M accounts

Scientists discover new human organ, a fluid-filled space called interstitium

How to grow your traffic by 29% next month