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Another chapter on Facebook’s privacy woes is being written in Latin America

Have I Been Pwned Is Now Partnering with 1Password

Hello, and welcome to DNS

A lambda calculus for quantum computation

Scientists say we’re on the cusp of a carbon dioxide–recycling revolution

Technological Change and Obsolete Skills: Evidence from Men’s Pro Tennis (2017) [pdf]

Marta, file manager for macOS, goes beta

Zstandard v1.3.4 – faster everything

Tracing stolen Bitcoin, using a precedent from 1816

Poor Grades Tied to Class Times That Don’t Match Our Biological Clocks

Automatically “block” people in images using a pretrained neural network

The correspondence of René Descartes and Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia

TensorFlow Model Analysis (TFMA) is a library for evaluating TensorFlow models

Transitioning Google URL Shortener to Firebase Dynamic Links

Show HN: ShivyC – Hobby C compiler created in Python

Nicotinamide riboside effects on aging similar to caloric restriction

Niantic to settle Pokémon GO Fest lawsuit for over $1.5M

Closing the Loop: The Importance of External Engagement in CS Research

Interpretable Machine Learning: A Guide for Making Black Box Models Explainable

Show HN: ipscrub, an IP address anonymizer for Nginx

General Decimal Arithmetic for Binary Computers

The Game of Everything, Part 3: Civilization and the Narrative of Progress

Internal Facebook posts of employees discussing leaked memo

More Housing for Better Public Transit: A Grand Bargain for New York City

The Illusion of a Profitable Amazon Prime Now and Prime Fresh

Robot takes cues from spider that can walk and roll

Ant Design – A UI Design Language

Trail of ashes: A Spokane man’s work to restore identity to the unclaimed dead

PeerTube: A decentralized video hosting network, based on free software

Titivillus: The Patron Demon of Scribes (2006)

Rugby Union legal battle brewing as players set to fight for right to ’data’ Cloudflare DNS Resolver Soon to Be Announced?

Pigeon Whistles: From Utilitarian to Orchestral

Show HN: Code on Hacker News

Comparing different global problems in terms of potential for impact [video]

#deleteFacebook and social media effects on me

The Most Common Type of Incompetent Leader

Bookplates Hold the Secrets to Books’ Past Lives

Google is shutting down its URL shortening service

You Can Always Get What You Want, But Not What You Need (2016) [video]

The Rise of Worse Is Better (1991)

How Duolingo Built a $700M Company Without Charging Users

De-Google-ify Internet

Thoughts on Rust, a few thousand lines in

Someone bought my Twitter account 10K fake/bot followers

Show HN: CRDT research, with Swift code and real-time collaboration over iCloud

Tensorflow: Swift Community

Sl: a mirror version of ls

Show HN: SpotifyTelevision – easily watch music videos for Spotify playlists

Lsofgraph – Convert lsof output to graph of processes, pipes, fifos and sockets

Zuckerberg says memo justifying deaths to grow the network was ’provocative’

The real threat to Facebook is the Kool-Aid turning sour

What the FOSTA/SESTA anti-sex trafficking bill means for sex workers

I’ve just learned Rust and I think I’m in love

Learn How to Fold a World-Record-Setting Paper Airplane

If You’ve Met Aliens While on DMT, These Scientists Would Like to Hear from You

Amazon’s Music Storage service will remove MP3 files on April 30th

Boz Did Not Urge Facebook to Pursue Growth at All Costs. What He Did Was Worse

Creator of “Ren and Stimpy” Accused of Preying on Underage Girls

Universal Sentence Encoder

Facebook, Google and Verizon are accelerating tracking despite privacy concerns

China’s Social Credit System seeks to assign scores, engineer social behaviour

The AZ Problem

Overcoming a Battery’s Fatal Flaw – News – Communications of the ACM

Show HN: A simple note-taking and blogging platform

Code Craft: What Is It, and Why Do You Need It?

Why Denmark dominates the World Happiness Report rankings year after year

Facebook’s mission changed, but its motives didn’t

Dopamine driven feedback loops

Apple is aggressively hiring Siri engineers after widespread criticisms

Notice to stakeholders: withdrawal of the UK and EU rules on .eu domain names

How to join the Intellectual Dark Web – a user’s guide

Going Cashless: My Journey into the Future

All visa applicants will have to disclose social media accounts new proposal

Glitch, now v1.0, goes open-source starting with

How Synthetic Biology Will Help Me Live Forever

Awesome list of Important Podcasts for software engineers

World’s largest jet engine, the GE9X, makes maiden flight

NASA Invests in Shapeshifters, Biobots, Other Visionary Technology

How to build a whole app’s worth of software without writing any software

Draft, Gitkube, Helm, Ksonnet, Metaparticle, Skaffold – Comparison of K8s Tools

Show HN: Find the best journalists to cover you with our DB of 500k

Looks like people are slowly forgetting about the modulus operator

Bitcoin continues to tumble, briefly breaking below $6,000

What It Really Costs to Implement Salesforce (Part 1)