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Comcast, AT&T and Verizon pose a greater surveillance risk than Facebook immutable data structures for Rust

Google seeks to limit ‘right to be forgotten’ by claiming it’s journalistic

Socioeconomic sorting at the metropolitan level is making America more polarized

Tom Lehrer at 90: a life of scientific satire

Ancient Maya traded dogs for use in religious ceremonies, new study shows

Apps of a Feather

Apple’s New Ad Conversion Tracking Will Benefit User Privacy

Breaches of Unsecured Protected Health Information

SBFT: A Scalable Decentralized Trust Infrastructure for Blockchains

Database constraints: The last line of defense

Multi-user VR experiences with A-Frame (2017)

Plenty of Dish: On the Letters of Tennessee Williams

Show HN: FileNation – A simple way to send files using IPFS

Show HN: Glyph – Static Site Generator Powered by GitHub Issues and Pages

Streak Is Hiring Product Engineers in SF

A French King Who Believed He Was Made of Glass

Early Days: The VIC-20 Programmer’s Reference Guide

Tracing doping use by amateur athletes from wastewater

Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers

iOS, the Future of MacOS, Freedom, Security and Privacy (2017)

Facebook will add “unsend” feature after secretly deleting Zuckerberg’s messages

Myanmar group questions Zuckerberg’s claim on Facebook hate speech prevention

A dozen black holes may lie at the centre of our galaxy

Dear Developer, the Web Isn’t About You

TMobile confirms they store passwords in plaintext, don’t see why it’s a problem

T-Mobile Austria is apparently storing customer passwords in plain text

DHS defends media-monitoring database, calls critics “conspiracy theorists”

Ajit Pai’s “Harlem Shake” video preparations must remain secret, FCC says

Did T-Mobile Really Just Admit It Stores Customer Passwords in Plaintext?

Facebook is unfixable. We need a nonprofit, public-spirited replacement

New features from the last few versions of Git

Japanese anime director Isao Takahata has died

10 Books to Read If ‘A Brief History of Time’ Was Too Brief for You

Systems built on trust, norms, and institutions function better than blockchain

Hunting down my son’s killer (2012)

Show HN: Animated users session heatmaps of your website

On Facebook, Zuckerberg gets privacy and you get nothing

SpaceX can’t broadcast Earth images because of a murky license

Twitter postpones platform change that would cut off third-party apps

Putting a Raspberry Pi on the Internet with Rust and Argo Tunnel

BeOS-Inspired Haiku OS Chugging Along with Driver Improvements, UI Changes

Why didn’t the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights pass the U.S. Congress in 2012?

The resolver now supports DNS over Twitter

Announcing Tower – A library for writing robust network services with Rust

A Microscopically Sized Wasp: Megaphragma Mymaripenne

Facebook users would have to pay to opt out of their data being used for ads

Tom Lee Predicts Cyrptocurrency Market Outflow to Fiat Currency Before Tax Day

AI defector gives Apple Google’s secrets

Show HN: JavaScript to ReasonML transpiler hack

Facebook Granted Dismissal of Biometric Privacy Claims Brought by “Non-Users”

Delta: Data of ‘several hundred thousand’ customers exposed

How Deep Learning Supercharges Natural Language Processing

Failing to secure DNS is ’savage ignorance’: Geoff Huston

Elon Musk: Watch this documentary for free until Sunday night

Facebook Admits Data from Most of Its 2B Users Compromised by ’Malicious Actors’

EU rules and regulations that the US doesn’t like

FB users would have to pay to opt out of data-driven ads, says Sandberg

Visual Studio Code March 2018

China Bans Online Bible Sales as It Tightens Religious Controls

Uber: I’m in shock after being charged a £60 cleaning fee

Facebook admits Zuckerberg wiped his old messages–which you can’t do

Facebook secretly deleted some of Mark Zuckerberg’s private messages