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E-book: “Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy: A Developer’s Guide”

TextQL: Execute SQL Against CSV or TSV

Iran hit by global cyber attack that left U.S. flag on screens

Show HN: React Pattern Book – a low maintenance pattern library/style guide

2017 Tax Software Developer’s Guides and Test Cases

At 88, doctor pursues a long-ignored treatment for strokes, heart attacks

Show HN: TerrainVer – Generate Worms-Style Cartoon Terrain in JavaScript

Months Before Deadly Crash, Helicopter Pilots Warned of Safety Issues

Wizard for Mac – new kind of statistics program

Denver Post Rebels Against Its Hedge-Fund Ownership

‘Big Brother’ in India Requires Fingerprint Scans for Food, Phones and Finances

The Graphing Calculator Story (2004)

YouTube Kids Is Going to Release a Whitelisted, Non-Algorithmic Version of App

Google bought the Weird Stuff building. Their last day is (tomorrow) April 8th

PostgreSQL Begins Adding LLVM JIT Support For Faster Performance

“Close to tears, he left at the intermission”: how Kubrick upset Arthur C Clarke

China’s global kidnapping campaign may now be reaching inside U.S. borders

Show HN: Fileshifter – Easily convert files and videos between different formats

What roadkill says about the insatiability of human speed

DHS Confirms Presence of Cell-Site Simulators in U.S. Capital

A Food Shortage Revealed the Cause of Celiac Disease

Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit

Cisco iOS and iOS XE Software Smart Install Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Brain connectivity reflects human aesthetic responses to music (2016)

Facebook messenger had ephemeral message feature for execs only

Vial-Http – Simple HTTP REST Tool for Vim

Iris Automation Hiring Computer Vision Experts – Collision Avoidance for Drones

Children of The Cloud and Major Tom: Growing Up in the 80s Under the German Sky

Apache Weex – A framework for building cross-platform mobile UI

German scientists harvest their first Antarctic salad

Rockstar shopping is inherently unsafe (2015)

Unclaimed Baggage Center: The Shop for Lost Luggage (2015)

Brain-computer interfaces are opening new possibilities (2013)

Curated List of Privacy Respecting Services and Software

Do you trust this computer? (Documentary)

How Instagram tricks you into syncing ALL of your contacts

China’s experiment in ranking and monitoring citizens has started

A Two-Dimensional Argument Against Materialism (2009)

How I Upgraded My iPhone Memory 800% – In Shenzhen, China

In 2012 Facebook bragged about millions of apps, 3 yrs before it cut off access

European travelers can now watch Netflix like they’re at home

Cryptocurrency Firm Coinbase in Talks to Become SEC-Regulated Brokerage

Richest 1% on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030

Show HN: Run your cronjobs at auspicious timings

Visual Studio Code 1.22 released

Twitter thread of T-Mobile Rep arguing for the case of plaintext passwords

Show HN: Pgcodebase, easy management of postgresql functions, triggers and views

A Hard Transparency Choice: What Is WikiLeaks?

South Korean millennials are reeling from the Bitcoin bust

Turn a MacBook into a Touchscreen with $1 of Hardware