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Ketamine has ’fast-acting benefits’ for depression

Autonomous braking: ’The most significant development since the safety belt’

ReactOS releases 0.4.8 with experimental Vista/7/10 software compatibility

Probability Theory for Scientists and Engineers

D3 in Depth

Show HN: Phi-editor, a text editor implemented in Go and SDL

Jolla is the last company with an ’alternative’ mobile operating system

Notation as a Tool of Thought (1979) [pdf]

The Quantum Pascal’s Triangle (2002)

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists Prepare for an I.P.O. Wave

Sedentary Behavior May Thin Memory-Related Brain Area

For $5k, Chevy Will Let You Assemble Your Corvette Z06’s Engine Yourself (2015)

A game of tag that’s been going for 20+ years

How people die vs. media coverage of death

Human Dx is hiring a software engineer that specializes in React

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk Bet Right on Facebook, Wrong on BlackJet

Interactive computational neuroscience – part 1, spiking neurons

Casino high-roller database stolen through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank

Remote-Browser – A browser automation framework based on the Web Extensions API

Standing on Distributed Shoulders of Giants (2016)

The long, tortuous and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font

Bergson’s debate with Einstein swayed the 1921 Nobel committee (2016)

Rigorous Benchmarking in Reasonable Time (2013) [pdf]

“In Theory There Is No Difference Between Theory and Practice”

On the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant 10,000 Year Marker System

Show HN: Bored Hackers – A threaded-realtime chat community

Semantris – ML word association game

The 25 Principles for Adult Behavior (John Perry Barlow)

When to Sell Your Employee Stock? (2017)

In the Beginning Was the Command Line (1999)

Understanding Bitcoin Transactions

Proposal to restore a destroyed Ethereum contract

The Crystal Programming Language

Show HN: Send zip archives on GMail by converting to words

For a Meaningful Artificial Intelligence [pdf]

China Forcing People to Install App That Tells Them to Delete “Dangerous” Photos

Thinning in brain regions important for memory linked to sedentary habits

Show HN: Google Search Navigator – navigate Google like a boss

‘I was a teacher for 17 years, but I couldn’t read or write’

Why doesn’t the IRS send me a tax bill based on the info they already have?

Silicon Valley’s Dangerous Political Blind Spots

I Tried San Francisco’s Electric Scooter Share and It Was a Nightmare

San Francisco’s Bizarre Scooter War Shows How Tech Companies Ignore the Law

Show HN: Nekøyume – Blockchain-based Role-Playing Game

TED 2018: Technology reveals fear and other emotions

Show HN: CachedView – View Google Web Cache Easily

Why fit fathers sire smarter offspring

Jaron Lanier at TED: social networks as behavior modification empires

Apache RocketMQ – Distributed Messaging and Streaming Platform

UChicago to Commercialize Hoffmann’s Generalized Software Optimization Framework

Atari Reinforcement Learning Leaderboard

Hackers stole a casino’s high-roller db via thermometer in the lobby fish tank

An Analysis of the Costs of Storing Data on the Ethereum Blockchain (2018) [pdf]

Tesla battery degradation at less than 10% after over 160,000 miles

Show HN: Mustard UI – A CSS framework that actually looks good.

Silicon Valley’s Dangerous Political Blind Spots

Wolfram on teaching kids “coding” vs. “computational thinking”

To opt out of Facebook’s tracking, I’m going to have to join Facebook

How to Leave Google Behind: Quick Guide to Take Back Your Privacy Online

The Fallacy of the Free Market (Book Review by James Kwak)

Show HN: Real-time multi-player pixel art (100x100 grid) as a social experiment

UAF vulnerability in the Menu Management Component of Window Manager

An illustrated guide into how Bitcoin’s Lightning Network works

Show HN: Simulating content going viral in a social network

Goldman Sachs asks: ’Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

Show HN: UnderExpress 2.0 – A free, ready to use website UI kit for hustlers