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A look at terminal emulators, part 1

A guide to building a fast electric skateboard at home

To #DeleteFacebook or Not to #DeleteFacebook? That Is Not the Question

Interns with toasters: how I taught people about load balancers

The future of electronics based on memristive systems

How to Find Product Market Fit – founder of Segment (2017) [video]

A journalism student who found out she won a Pulitzer in class

How to scrape anything on the web and not get caught

Matabele ants have evolved a complex system of battlefield triage and rescue

Heart surgeons refuse difficult operations to avoid poor mortality ratings

Tidis - Redis protocol on top of TiKV

The story of ispc: volta is born (part 2)

Show HN: FunctionKit – Approachable functional concepts brought to Swift

Portable girdle books were once very handy

American Drugs in Egyptian Mummies (2005)

Practical Memory Safety with Random Embedded Secret Tokens [pdf]

Shaper Origin: Hand-Held CNC Machine

Iris Automation Is Hiring a Back End Engineer – Collision Avoidance for Drones

Trump lied about wealth to feature on Forbes list

To Understand the Future of Tesla, Look to the History of GM

Designing for Ethics: Interview with Sam Woolley of the Digital Intelligence Lab

Your app shouldn’t suffer SSL’s problems (2011)

Show HN: Writt – Make and publish notes from Telegram

A Feasible Approach to Human Stasis for Long-Duration Deep Space Missions

VS Code can do that?

A lot of Distributed Systems patterns in a single talk

Players Have Crowned a New Best Board Game – And It May Be Tough to Topple

A Dying 700-Year-Old Banyan Tree Was Brought Back to Life with an IV

Show HN: Vinyl record and sleeve grading tool

Posing as a Metro Rider on Twitter, D.C. Transit Union Attacks Critics

Datomic: Look at all the things I’m not doing

A Moby-based container engine for IoT

Generate a color PAL composite signal using the built in DACs of the $5 ESP32

Fluree DB – A scalable blockchain database

Istanbul Closes the Books on Its Public Scribes

Is dark matter made of primordial black holes?

Elon Musk reveals his productivity rules in a letter he sent to Tesla employees

Build an Android app from a to Z without opening AndroidStudio even once

Minds Is the Anti-Facebook That Pays You for Your Time

Bully Hunters anti-harassment campaign shuts down as criticism mounts – PC Gamer

Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match

Angular – All Talks from ng-conf 2018

Penn Law Startup Kit-Free PDFs of Startup-Related Legal Documents


Science Says 1 Minute of This Kind of Exercise May Equal 45 Minutes of Jogging

What happens when women are outnumbered on a massive scale

LinkedIn bug allowed data to be stolen from user profiles

CIA: Haspel ‘acted appropriately’ in destruction of torture tapes

Awesome Time, a practical alternative to Google’s infamous 20% time

Verne Troyer, best known as Mini-Me in “Austin Powers,” has died