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You probably don’t need AI/ML. You can make do with well written SQL scripts

Hyper 2, Electron based terminal

Bringing Objective-C to the Amiga

A blockchain is a specific set of choices suitable for a narrow set of use-cases

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The limits of information (2014)

Parsing JSON is a Minefield

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The Node.js Ecosystem Is Chaotic and Insecure

Human Dx is hiring its next software engineer

After Facebook scrutiny, is Google next?

Show HN: HoneyMoney – 100% more Bees than any other personal finance software

Tesla batteries will live longer than expected, survey finds

The Categories Were Made for Man, Not Man for the Categories (2014)

Eventbrite has removed filming clause from agreement

General Magic is a film about the ‘90s startup that imagined the smartphone

Show HN: Progress Bar OS X. How much % of a year/month/day has passed in menubar

Zelle, the Banks’ Answer to Venmo, Proves Vulnerable to Fraud

Massive Attack celebrate Mezzanine’s 20th anniversary by preserving it in DNA

Why Is the Human Brain So Efficient? Massive Parallelism

Penn State’s 98-Year-Old Outing Club Is No Longer Allowed to Go Outside

Experts say Tesla has repeated car industry mistakes from the 1980s

Nissan’s Path to Self-Driving Cars? Humans in Call Centers

Venture Capitalists Seek ‘Safe Harbor’ for Virtual Currencies

Thin film converts heat from electronics into energy

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Inside the Linux boot process (2006)

AI generation of fake celeb images

Show HN: Search YouTube for specific words or phrases

Can Facebook be replaced? Let’s invest $100,000

Earth-Mars and Mars-Earth fere-return launch windows over the next decade or so

Google and Microsoft Push Websites to Go Password-Less

How the Murder of Ashlynn Mike Changed Our Country’s Amber Alert Protocols

Eventbrite Claims the Right to Film Your Events – And Keep the Copyright

SEC Had an Easy Time Busting a Fintech Company and Its Wizard CEO

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Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies: Burn It with Fire [video]

Google’s New AI Head Is So Smart He Doesn’t Need AI

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