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How our heartbeat shapes our thinking

A one-second video taken by the Rosetta probe on the surface of a comet

Nerves – Craft and deploy bulletproof embedded software in Elixir

Watsi (YC W13) is hiring mission-driven engineers

Lessons from My First Two Years of AI Research

Neandertals, Stone Age people may have voyaged the Mediterranean

Hunger Is a Gatekeeper of Pain in the Brain

Kate Middleton’s ‘luxury’ birth cost less than the average U.S. birth

Why people have trouble reading neutral faces

How to write a spelling corrector

Designing a ’Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer’ from Diamond Age

Ivan Sutherland: Technology and Courage (1996) [pdf]

Instagram launches “Data Download” tool to let you leave

What you get is what you C: Controlling side effects in mainstream C compilers [pdf]

Put Down the Pitchforks; Amazon Didn’t Steal Your Dunning-Krugerrands

Blloc – minimalist smartphone

Show HN: JSON storage bins with schema validation

Show HN: Watch Stanford CS Lectures Together

MikroTik router security hole allows DL user database with plain passwords

Wild red wolf population could soon be wiped out

Strategy and Tactics in Problem Solving

Delta Pointers: Buffer Overflow Checks Without the Checks [pdf]

Jeff Bezos v the world: why all companies fear ’death by Amazon’

Launch HN: Krypton for Teams – Simple SSH Key Storage for DevOps

A Stoic Guide to Navigating the Modern Workplace

Show HN: Fast 2kB date library alternative to Moment.js with the same API

Hackers find an ’unpatchable’ way to breach the Nintendo Switch

MIT scientists created better mapping system using neural network

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web (2005)

Facebook Has Hosted Stolen Identities and Social Security Numbers for Years

Recording industry revenues back to pre-internet, musicians are poorer than ever

Startup says it wants to fight poverty, but a food stamp giant is blocking it

Mars Probe Poised to Solve Red Planet’s Methane Mystery

Paper as a Substrate for Circuits

GSMA puts eSIM work ’on hold’ due to US collusion investigation

Sweden’s Super Stealth Submarines Are So Lethal They ’Sank’ a US Carrier (2016)

Show HN: A TDD starter template for JavaScript interviews and exercises

Show HN: Talent robot finds you a remote job

Apple loses $64B in stock value as Wall Street is in ’full panic mode’

Show HN: A simple language server for JavaScript, powered by ESLint and Tern

MobileCoin has raised $30M for private mobile payments

Publishing Our Internal Enforcement Guidelines and Expanding Our Appeals Process

Pythran: Crossing the Python Frontier [pdf]

Samsung’s 970 EVO SSDs Reviewed – 500GB and 1TB

Wanted at Chinese Startups: Attractive Women to Ease Coders’ Stress

TSB Bank: Botched upgrade has left customers unable to access their accounts

California Bill Would Guarantee Free Credit Freezes in 15 Minutes

Nvidia’s AI-Powered ‘Content-Aware Fill’ Is Mind-Blowing

Eric Lundgren loses appeal on computer restore discs, gets 15 months

Cambridge University rejected Facebook study over ’deceptive’ privacy standards

Massive spam campaign targeting disqus

Getting Laid Off in Tech: The Myth of Upper Middle Class Security

Show HN: ScreenFocus. Working with multiple monitors made right

Show HN: Monitoring a portfolio’s performance via lightbulbs

Co-living in London: Friendship, fines and frustration

Apple Will Start Paying Back Taxes to Irish Government Next Month

CSS at Scale: LinkedIn’s New Open Source Projects Take on Stylesheet Performance

The Difference Between Reversible and Irreversible Decisions

Show HN: StartMode – Build and Upgrade your business model starting at $59

Purism and UBports officially collaborate to offer Ubuntu Touch on Librem 5

The Top Jobs Where Women Are Outnumbered by Men Named John

Increasing precipitation whiplash in twenty-first century California

Buy a kit and learn how to pick a lock, courtesy Amazon

Why does this product equal π/2? (3Blue1Brown)