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A Well-Known Expert on Student Loans Is Not Real

Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman [pdf]

AWS EC2 T2 Instances Demystified: Don’t Learn the Hard Way

An open source implementation of DeepVoice 3: 2000-Speaker Neural Text-to-Speech

Electric scooter “mayhem” sounds like when cars were introduced

A censorship resistant deadman’s switch

Ink – inkle’s narrative scripting language

Show HN: RemoteML – Job Directory for Remote Machine Learning Positions

Kazakhstan is changing its alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin-based

Swedish archaeologists reveal 5th Century massacre at Sandby borg

Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule (2009)

Caper (YC W16) Is Hiring Deep Learning Engineers

PipelineDB v0.9.9 – One More Release Until PipelineDB Is a PostgreSQL Extension

JavaScript Pattern Matching Proposal

Notes on structured concurrency, or: Go statement considered harmful

To censor the internet, 10 countries use Netsweeper filtering technology

One Giant Leap for SQL: MySQL 8.0 Released

Bionic beaver (Ubuntu 18.04) released

Billion-star map of Milky Way set to transform astronomy

Tesla’s VP of Autopilot and chip guru Jim Keller is leaving

Ford to Stop Selling Every Car in North America but the Mustang and Focus Active

Show HN: Open sourcing uRacer, a GLES2 top-down racer made with libgdx

El Paquete Semanal: The Week’s Internet in Havana

U.S. Wind Turbine Database

Renewing America’s economic promise through older industrial cities

The Meanest Things Vladimir Nabokov Said About Other Writers

Slacktyping: I’m typing when you’re typing

A Timely Discovery: Examining Our AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Results

Addressing Recent Claims of “Manipulated” Blog Posts in the Wayback Machine – High quality software skills, at a competitive price

Awesome-live-reloading – A collection of live reloading tools and libraries

64-bit Tiano Core UEFI for the Raspberry Pi 3

Nginx-1.14.0 stable version has been released

Drew Cloud Is a Well-Known Expert on Student Loans. One Problem: He’s Not Real

Making animated plots in Google Colaboratory – new home for ML prototyping

Caddy – The HTTP/2 Web Server with Automatic HTTPS

How Functional Programming will (Finally) do Away With the GoF Patterns [2016]

JavaScript Symbol.thenable Proposal

Hollywood Is Wrong: Netflix Is the Future of Film

Show HN: Online business cards instead of a website

Startup School Beijing

The Economic Logic of (some) Amazingly Awful Websites

Engigogo Digest – A weekly newsletter of links and product suggestions

Researchers Hacked Amazon’s Alexa to Spy on Users, Again

Show HN: Copy tweets to Bitcoin’s blockchain for $9

Make a Brushless Motor from a Fidget Spinner [video]

Java SE 8 business users must buy a licence from Jan 2019 to receive updates

Why we should collectively worry about Facebook and Google owning our data

Chicago Is Trying to Pay Down Its Debt by Impounding Innocent People’s Cars

Chinese DRAM Industry Spreading Its Wings: Two More DRAM Fabs Ready

Hospitals have 1000s of networked devices and cybersecurity nightmares

A "major breakthrough" in diesel technology significantly reduces emissions

Show HN: Golang Works – Go jobs, salaries, news and learning resources

90-minute ‘super commutes’ more common as Bay Area housing shortage intensifies

Show HN: Bad Language: A lisp-looking language with interpreter and JS compiler

A One-Minute Attack Let Hackers Spoof Hotel Master Keys

In Egypt, dating apps are refuge for persecuted LGBTQ community, but also traps

Faraday Future bet the farm to secure multi-billion dollar investment from China

A study finds nearly half of jobs are vulnerable to automation – Daily chart

Observations on Modern Computing (The Last 10 Years Were a Misstep)

Protecting RSA-Based Protocols Against Adaptive Chosen-Ciphertext Attacks

Trump Voters Driven by Fear of Losing Status, Not Economic Anxiety, Study Finds

Top errors from 1000+ Ruby on Rails projects (and how to avoid them) – High Quality Software Service, at a Competitive Price

Graphene used to make stronger, greener concrete

MIT AGI: OpenAI Meta-Learning and Self-Play (Ilya Sutskever) [video]

A game to simulate the existential despair of the asylum process

Britain’s mass surveillance regime is directly opposing human rights

Used PHP in a Hackathon was made fun of and it made me feel really shitty

E-Waste Innovator Will Go to Jail for Making Windows Restore Disks

Finland Will End Its Experiment with Universal Basic Income

MyEtherWallet Confirmed Hack via DNS Loophole

Supreme Court Upholds Patent Office Power to Invalidate Bad Patents

‘E-waste’ activist gets 15 months in prison for selling Windows restore disks

Facebook Revenue Surges Nearly 50% in First Quarter

Facebook is destructive to society.We’ll invest $100K if you build a replacement