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The NetHack dev team is happy to announce the release of NetHack 3.6.1!topic/

Show HN: A fast, hopefully accurate, fuzzy matching library written in Go

Show HN: A proof-of-concept FoundationDB based network block device backend

HyperTools: A Python toolbox for gaining insights into high-dimensional data

It’s Impossible to Prove Your Laptop Hasn’t Been Hacked

Seattle vacates hundreds of marijuana charges going back 30 years

Show HN: Generating fun Stack Exchange questions using Markov chains

In theory, rocks from Oman could store hundreds of years of human CO2 emissions

The quadratic formula and low-precision arithmetic

Implementing and Understanding Type Classes (2014)

The Truth about Apple’s Engineering

Lessons learned from a failing local mall

World’s oldest spider discovered in Australian outback

The Wren Programming Language

Statement on Nature Machine Intelligence

Facebook Warns Investors to Expect ’Additional Incidents’ of User Data Abuse

Flexport (YC W14) is hiring engineers

Open3D: A Modern Library for 3D Data Processing Home Code Docs C++ API

What it means to “disagree and commit” and how I do it (2016)

Turning a broken iPhone into a working USB flash drive [video]

The Theory of Quantum Information

Structured Concurrency in High-Level Languages

PEP 572: Write vs. Read, Understand and Control Flow

Former CEO of Paypal, Intuit: “Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history”

A survey of comics research in computer science

Context Is Everything: Finding Meaning Statistically in Semantic Spaces

Tunngle is shutting down tomorrow due the new GDPR

Enhancing Pwned Passwords Privacy by Exclusively Supporting Anonymity

OpenIndiana Hipster 2018.04, Drops Gnome 2 for MATE and Adds KPTI for Meltdown

Startup Growth Strategy 101 – Sell or Die – The Productivity Revolution – Medium

The Shirky Principle (2010)

Inside AMD’s Quest to Build Chips That Can Beat Intel

Warning signs for TSB’s IT meltdown were clear a year ago, according to insider

Dino: Jabber/XMPP Client Using GTK+/Vala

Class Action Reveals Widespread Overpricing Scheme of DRAM

Fake books sold on Amazon could be used for money laundering

How mirror neurons affect the experience of fandom

A new book on Renaissance mathematics makes a bold case

Towards Quantum Communication from Global Navigation Satellite System

I was denied boarding a plane – all because of a hyphen

Hawt: A modular web console for managing your Java stuff

Tesla explains Model 3 build in response to Munro’s teardown analysis

CSS at Scale: LinkedIn’s New Open Source Projects Take on Stylesheet Performance

Gates Foundation launches $12M Grand Challenge for universal flu vaccine

User IDs probably shouldn’t be passed around as ints

The Appeal of Simplicity

The Gigatron TTL Computer Without a Microprocessor

Computers in North Korea run on look-alike Mac software called ’Red Star 3.0’

Redis streams data structure with Salvatore Sanfilippo

2018 Open Source Rookies of the Year

Samsung, Hynix and Micron Slapped W Class Action Suit Over DRAM Supply Collusion

Households Need to Earn $300,000 a Year to Live a Middle Class Lifestyle

Briar: Peer-to-peer encrypted messaging and forums