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TIC-80, a fantasy computer to learn programming

Facebook announces Clear History feature

The Internals of Postgres – Concurrency Control

Amazon threatens to suspend Signal’s AWS account over censorship circumvention

Introducing .app, a more secure home for apps on the web

C Is Not a Low-Level Language

A puzzle that tiles infinitely across both sides, based on the Klein Bottle

Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway

YouTube Stars Being Paid to Sell Academic Cheating

KRust: A Formal Executable Semantics of Rust

Why an expert in counterterrorism became a beat cop

What’s in those mysterious cabinets?

Ruby’s Rack Push: Decoupling the real-time web application from the web

Stateful Apps on Kubernetes: A quick primer

The Story of ISPC: Intel SPMD Program Compiler

Nurx Is Hiring – Lead Front-End Engineer

Operator Framework: Building Apps on Kubernetes

Sol – a sunny little virtual machine (2012)

Illnesses from Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Bites Increasing in the US

The Challenge of Cross-Language Interoperability (2013)

A Radically Conservative Solution for Cosmology’s Biggest Mystery

Google vs. Google: How Nonstop Political Arguments Rule Its Workplace

Macbook Pro frying USB peripherals

The Peter Principle Isn’t Just Real, It’s Costly

Crabs: the bitmap terror (1985) [pdf]

A Mass of Copyrighted Works Will Soon Enter the Public Domain

Show HN: Vue.js Chat with AWS Lex on PubNub ChatEngine

Painting made out of CSS rules

To solve affordability crisis, Bay Area housing stock must grow 50% in 20 years

PragProg removes access to forums due to SESTA

H-1B abuse: Bay Area tech workers from India paid a pittance, feds say

Von Neumann’s First Computer Program (1970) [pdf]

The 2018 free privacy tools starter kit

TiDB 2.0 Is Ready – Faster, Smarter, and Battle-Tested

Nanoscope: Method-Tracing Tool for Android

Things That Turbo Pascal Is Smaller Than

The Rise and Fall of Thinking Machines (1995)

Medium tries to prevent people reading deleted articles on the Wayback Machine?

Custom domains on GitHub Pages gain support for HTTPS

Subresource Integrity and Upgrade-Insecure-Requests Are Now Supported in Edge

Google vs. Google: How Nonstop Political Arguments Rule Its Workplace

E-recycling innovator is going to prison for trying to extend computers’ lives

Curated list of resources on testing distributed systems

The Catch 22 of Base64: Attacker Dilemma from a Defender Point of View

Show HN: Polltime – Polls that can be texted

Void Linux project leader has disappeared

Image: the Pixar render farm in 1995. Half of an iPhone

Tiramisu: A Code Optimization Framework for High Performance Systems

Backblaze’s Hard Drive Stats for Q1 2018

Show HN: The best tech conferences, crowd sourced from the internet

White House Considers Restricting Chinese Researchers Over Espionage Fears

Algorand: Scaling Byzantine Agreements for Cryptocurrencies [pdf]

Book Preview: A complete React with Apollo and GraphQL Tutorial

Announcing the release of Fedora 28

Oculus Go review: The wireless-VR future begins today for only $199

A failed dating experiment – Responsiveness Sort

Fedora 28 is now available for download

California Sues Trump Administration Over Car Emissions Rules

The Scottish island that buried America’s dead

Music festivals are the corporate dystopia we deserve

Making “Push on Green” a Reality (2014) [pdf]

CorvOS: A custom, Linux-based solution for the classroom

Soundscapes of the JR Yamanote line

Comcast to combat cord cutting by limiting speed increases to cable subscribers

A housing app is running ads in NYC that only Chinese speakers can understand

Learning from Source Code (Microsoft Research)

Show HN: Ballerina – Cloud Native Programming Language

Firefox will show sponsored content that’s personalized but private

Emotional labor watch: “Closers” flirt on behalf of men who use Tinder

Stanford physicist finds that swirling liquids work similarly to Bitcoin

Jeff Bezos says this is how he plans to spend the bulk of his fortune

Mozilla tries ads in Firefox again, now powered by Pocket recommendations

Intellectual Life Is Still Catching Up to Urbanisation

California and 17 other states are suing the EPA over emissions standards

Your microbiome is considered an ‘essential organ’

Mercury Spotted Transiting the Sun, Seen by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

Scuttlebutt Regarding Apple’s Cross-Platform UI Project

Text Classification made easy with Elasticsearch

Easy JavaScript: Starfield effect in 20 lines of code

Facebook’s Zuckerberg unveils privacy tool ’clear history’ ahead of F8

Poetry – Dependency and package manager for Python

Show HN: Live collaborative pixel art, on a 100x100 grid, as a social experiment

UK Parliament Will Issue Formal Summons for Zuckerberg If He Doesn’t Volunteer

The Connected Car Ways to get unauthorized access and potential implications [pdf]

Real People Are Turning Their Accounts into Bots on Instagram – And Cashing In

UNICEF is raising funds by asking donors to mine Monero in their web browser

A look at what the Windows 10 April 2018 update brings – Ars Technica

WhatsApp Co-Founder Leaving Facebook Amid User Data Disputes

’Biohacker’ Who Injected Himself with DIY Herpes Treatment Found Dead

Electronics-recycling innovator going to prison for trying extend computer lives

A bare bones neural network in Python to teach backpropagation (2015)