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AT&T updates firmware to block access to

GitHub’s online schema migration for MySQL

Proton Native – React Native for the desktop

Goldman Sachs to Open a Bitcoin Trading Operation

’Anti-authority’ tech rebels take on ISPs, connect NYC with cheap Wi-Fi

Apple iMac Pro and Secure Storage

GiveCampus (YC S15) hiring front-end engineers who care about education

Free SSL on Github Pages with a custom domain: Part 2 – Let’s Encrypt

PostgreSQL’s fsync surprise

AI revives in-memory processors

Differentiable Programming: A Semantics Perspective

EEG Accurately Predicts Autism as Early as 3 Months of Age

Eran Tromer’s Attack on Ray Ozzie’s CLEAR Protocol

Show HN: Interceptor – mock AJAX requests at the browser level

Tesla beats expectations with $3.4B in revenue

Random quantum circuit easiest way to beat classical computer

Joint 3D Face Reconstruction

Eul – The language

Travis merges private and open source repositories into one platform

A journey along the abandoned Karachi Circular Railway

Findings from the Imagenet and CIFAR10 competitions

Grass: a functional grass planting programming language

CAWT: Windows COM Automation with Tcl

Lobe – Deep Learning Made Simple

Exodus – Painless relocation of Linux binaries without containers

Running FFmpeg on AWS Lambda for 1.9% the Cost of AWS Elastic Transcoder

MIT lecturer Ana Bell discusses books to learn CS and programming

Physically stronger Norwegian men are more likely to be married

I’ve spent the last two years building a new email client

David Goodall: Scientist, 104, begins trip to end his life

Learn GraphQL by querying JSON

Show HN: Skor – Drop-in microservice to get Postgres changes as JSON webhooks

Von Neumann’s First Computer Program (1970)

Show HN: – An app to connect with people within 1km from you

TorchCraft – StarCraft: Brood War AI

Meet the Man Behind Indonesia’s Chicken Church

Show HN: A CSS Grid generator for building layouts faster

Show HN: A search engine that doesn’t track you, where users vote for results

When the Compiler Bites

Minimal Responsive Grid System

NASA dusts off FORTRAN manual, revives 20-year-old data on Ganymede

Show HN: A Chrome extension to exclude Pinterest from Google search results

Facebook has fired an employee accused of using privileged access to stalk women

Learning Web Development? Skills to Make You Stand Out

The road to 1.0: production ready PyTorch

Waiting For PostgreSQL 11 – Fast ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN with a non-NULL default

HP Is Once Again Breaking Printers with Third-Party Ink Cartridges [Updated] – E

Facebook Fires Employee Who Allegedly Used Data Access to Stalk Women

86% of CrashCrate subscribers used passwords already leaked in other breaches

Show HN: The Open Source Platform for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Facebook Has Begun to Rank News Organizations by Trust, Zuckerberg Says

Living Style Guide for SEEK, Powered by React, Webpack, CSS Modules and Less

Amazon suspends construction in Seattle while the city considers a new tax

Gut microbiome plays an important role in atherosclerosis

Newton kills the ‘Sent’ folder to make email as easy as instant messaging

Demonstration Proves Nuclear Fission System Can Provide Space Exploration Power

Show HN: Extract invoice information using machine learning

Elon Musk says don’t worry about Tesla’s burn rate–he might be right

Announcing Early Access to DigitalOcean Kubernetes

GitHub says bug exposed some plaintext passwords

Show HN: Todo List, Daily Kanban, Colors, Tags (I Built It)

Comparing Cloud Database Options for PostgreSQL

MIT Technology Review: Let’s Destroy Bitcoin

The nothing to hide argument in favor of surveillance

XKCD on Docker

Emergency room patients can face steep bills even when treatment is declined