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A 1970s Teenager’s Bedroom (1998)

A Criminal Gang Used a Drone Swarm to Obstruct an FBI Hostage Raid

Ascii Art Generator

Bonobo and chimpanzee gestures overlap extensively in meaning

The Hell that is filename encoding

How salad became a major source of food poisoning in the US

Fullstack Academy is looking for developers who love teaching

The 8000th Busy Beaver number eludes ZF set theory (2016)

A growing number of philosophers are conducting experiments to test arguments

Eltoo: A Simplified Update Mechanism for Lightning and Off-Chain Contracts

The Helium Factor and Hard Drive Failure Rates

Why NASA’s Next Mars Lander Will Launch from California Instead of Florida

Design for an Audience

Everest: A lightweight REST API client written in JavaFX

MrWint’s GBC Pokémon: Yellow Version “Arbitrary Code Execution” (2017)

High Speed Networking: Open Sourcing our Kernel Bypass Work

Biology Will Be the Next Great Conputing Platform

GitHub provides an RSS feed for all user-facing changes made on the platform

7-Zip: From Uninitialized Memory to Remote Code Execution

200 people in cars, on bikes, on buses and light rail

NASA completes full-power tests of small, portable nuclear reactor

Amazon Pauses Huge Development Plans in Seattle Over Tax Plan

Impact – HTML5 Game Engine

Swift expands continuous integration system to support more platforms

Show HN: LayerJS – A simple UI composition and navigation library

What Happened to the Book Herman Melville Wrote After ‘Moby-Dick’?

Akin’s Laws of Spacecraft Design

Altair: Declarative Visualization in Python

Grand Pwning Unit: Accelerating Microarchitectural Attacks with the GPU [pdf]

Wikipedia: List of lists of lists

A standards-based PDF viewer created using Electron and Pdf.js

Ex-Volkswagen C.E.O. Charged with Fraud Over Diesel Emissions

A Dying Scientist and His Rogue Vaccine Trial

Telstra facing questions over damaged cable that let 000 calls go unanswered

JPMorgan Taps Carnegie Mellon Professor for New Artificial Intelligence Role

Reducing DRAM Footprint with NVM in Facebook

Stack Overflow for Teams

A Call of Duty exploit

An Overview of Micron’s Automata Processor (2016) [pdf]

GDPR made searchable by Algolia

JWST suffers new problem during spacecraft testing

The new GitHub Desktop experience, built with Electron

Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper Cuts the Multiverse Down to Size

GDPR compliance checklist

Hominin head-scratcher: who butchered this rhino 700k years ago?

Show HN: A Curated List of Top Blockchain Jobs (From Whoishiring May 2018)

Google open sources gVisor, a sandboxed container runtime

ELF OpenGo – Facebook Open Source Framework Implementation of AlphaGoZero

GDPR compliance as a service

Sci-Hub ’Pirate Bay for Science’ Security Certs Revoked by Comodo

You Can’t Opt Out of Sharing Your Data, Even If You Didn’t Opt In

German CT-Magazine says 8 new Spectre Vulnerabilities are found in Intel CPUs

Show HN: Wrish – A quick autosaving editor on the web

New York City Street Parking Is Preposterously Corrupt

NASA Before PowerPoint in 1961

Tesla is hit by $2B patent troll case from Nikola Motors

Show HN: Exchange for makers to find ideas and for ppl to supply ideas they need

’My whole life has been a lie’: Sweden admits meatballs are Turkish

System76 just announced a major update to its developer-focused Linux OS

Cambridge Analytica could reportedly be rebranded as Emerdata

Video games such as Fortnite aren’t harming children–screen time is the problem

Show HN: News aggregator for upcoming stuff – smartphones, games, movies, EV

Show HN: GitHub App that prevents merging of pull requests with configuration

Build a house get a free lot in Marne Iowa

One of LLVM’s Top Contributors Quits Development Over CoC, Outreach Program

WhatsApp’s CEO Is Suddenly Leaving Facebook. It Could Cost Him $1B

Facebook announces PyTorch 1.0, a more unified AI framework

Cambridge Analytica shutting down

Trump nominated for Nobel for ’his tireless work to bring peace to our world’

Next – extensible keyboard-oriented web browser