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Magazine publishers with video ambitions see YouTube as safer bet than Facebook

The Zen of Erlang (2016)

A Scientist Finds Her Child’s Rare Brain Illness Stems from the Gene She Studies

The memory models that underlie programming languages (2016)

Solving dynamic programming interview problems

Open Source Calculator Teaches Us about Quality Documentation

Steve Wozniak Recounts His Efforts to Engineer the Apple II Floppy Disk System

Show HN: Vuido builds desktop apps using Vue.js without Electron

Delayed Impact of Fair Machine Learning

Tenjin (YC S14) is hiring a full-stack Ruby developer

Counting Bees on a Raspberry Pi with a ConvNet

On Competing with C Using Haskell (2017)

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Improves Treatment-Resistant Depression Outcomes

$11M settlement reached with Google regarding terminated AdSense accounts

Disabling Callkit for China Apps

Introducing Thanos: Prometheus at Scale

Writing a Time Series Database from Scratch (2017)

Show HN: Whiteboardfree – Developer Jobs at Companies That Don’t Whiteboard

Shoes – An easy little GUI toolkit for Ruby

Fears of Larger Contagion as Ebola Spreads to Major Congo City

Boosted Boards founders launch heavy-duty scooter renter Skip

Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction

Google de-emphasizes ’Don’t Be Evil’ motto in its code of conduct

The Mere Bones of Latin According to the Thought and System of Reginald

Show HN: SBCLI–A simple Steelbank Common Lisp REPL that doesn’t suck

Proxy, a new JavaScript ES6 feature

Show HN: Simple and comprehensive tutorials in Deep Learning using TensorFlow

Show HN: A program to email log files using Go

T-Mobile Employee Made Unauthorized ‘SIM Swap’ to Steal Instagram Account

Congratulations to Tesla on Their First Public Step Toward GPL Compliance

Congress wants to extend the copyright on some sound recordings to 144 years

The Path to Victory on Net Neutrality in the House of Representatives

Student hackers change grades, lunch balances in Bloomfield Hills

Smarter Brains Run on Sparsely Connected Neurons

Scanning on Demand (Crafting Interpreters Chapter 16)

Tildes – A non-profit community site driven by its users’ interests

Intel stops reverse engineering of their dodgy firmware

Google Home Mini Actions Development Tutorial [video]

Show HN: Instaaa 2.0 – Promote your business everywhere with a single click

The Boring Company Information Session [YouTube]

Snapchat’s decline and the secret joy of internet ghost towns

The idea that most successful startup founders are in their twenties is a myth

Show HN: Machine Box – Machine learning capabilities for all developers

Facebook Android App Is Asking for Superuser Privileges

How important is page load time and what you can do about it (2014)

This Will Change Your Mind About Psychedelic Drugs

Neighborhood Frustrated Over Government Drone Hovering Over Their Neighborhood

Neuroscience shows listening to music has kind of the same effect as meditation