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Apps for which macOS applies compatibillity fixes

CBS “60 Minutes” piece on Google’s abuse of dominance

Sci Hub repository torrents of scientific papers

Medieval trade networks

The Complete History of Lemmings (2006)

Alan Kay Thesis: The Reactive Engine (1969)

Datasette Facets: Faceted Browse and a JSON API for any CSV File or SQLite DB

Remembering the ‘Knocker-Ups’ Hired to Wake Workers with Pea Shooters

How programs get run: ELF binaries (2015)

The size of giraffe groups is not influenced by the presence of predators

A Very Hungry Black Hole Is Found, Gorging on Stars

VoiceOps is hiring engineers, CS managers in SF to build AI for B2B voice data

Making of “Logon’s run – 3D meets the aging bits”

Known: Social publishing

Fault attacks on secure chips: from glitch to flash (2011) [pdf]

Angr – User-friendly binary analysis platform

History of Symbolics Lisp Machines (2007)

The Markov Property, Chain, Reward Process and Decision Process

Show HN: Pocket Puter

The Physics and Physicality of Extreme Juggling

Understanding Image Sharpness (2003)

CSCI E-23a: Introduction to Game Development

Python as a declarative programming language (2017)

Show HN: Gojay – Performant JSON encoder/decoder for Golang

CPython internals: Ten-hour codewalk through the interpreter source code (2014)

Dijkstra: Reasoning About Programs (1990) [video]

What Improved Tech Means for Electric, Self-Driving and Flying Cars

Europe’s open-access drive escalates as university stand-offs spread

JavaScript Port of TLSH (Trend Micro Locality Sensitive Hash)

The problems with tech conferences and how to make them more inclusive

A year-by-year history of economic growth and pollution in the Roman Empire

How to write your own BitTorrent client in Java by using Bt library

If Haskell is so great, why hasn’t it taken over the world? (2017)

Selenium Mobile JSON Wire Protocol Specification

How did Google get so big? (60 Minutes)

Show HN: I made – A way to read everyday and share what you learned

Exercise ’doesn’t slow’ progression of dementia if you already have dementia

Tensor Compilers: Comparing PlaidML, Tensor Comprehensions, and TVM

Best Practices for ML Engineering (2017)

Hands-on with the RED Hydrogen One, an ambitious smartphone

Request your personal data from 100+ companies

Technical Papers Preview: SIGGRAPH 2018

AMD Zen CPU Microcode Added to Linux-Firmware Tree, Bulldozer Updated – Phoronix

[3Blue1Brown] What they won’t teach you in calculus

Show HN: A simple, free cloud script hosting service

Tonedeaf in our nose: a double James Joyce centenary

Genetic Analysis Points to Anorexia Nervosa’s Psychiatric and Metabolic Roots

Why, if p=.04, we can’t say the study has a 4% chance of being false positive

I’ve Paid $18,000 to a $24,000 Student Loan, and I Still Owe $24,000

Craft Beer’s Moral High Ground Doesn’t Apply to Its Workers

How to Quickly Train a Text-Generating Neural Network for Free

Show HN: Tool to Grow Your Twitch Channel with Contests

Show HN: FlipBits, the best random powered AI to take decisions