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Was the Cause of Cambrian Explosion Terrestrial or Cosmic?

The Power of Prolog

Is Information in the Brain Represented in Continuous or Discrete Form?

PostgreSQL 11 Partitioning Improvements

Speculative execution, variant 4: speculative store bypass

Dinosaur tail found preserved in amber (2016)

Alien Asteroids Are Here, Scientists Say. Get Used to Them

A New Look Inside Theranos’ Dysfunctional Corporate Culture

Doug Engelbart’s advice to a young software developer [video]

Opa – An open-source, general-purpose policy engine

A new experiment hints at surprising hidden mechanics of quantum superpositions

Boeing’s folding wingtips get the FAA green light

I became CEO at 20. Here’s what I learned.

On Folk Epistemology: How We Think and Talk about Knowledge

Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (113 Models Explained)

Comcast is leaking the names and passwords of customers’ wireless routers

Go vgo: Semantic Versioning and Human Error

How Britain’s First Mission to China Went Wrong

NYC housing court, created to protect tenants, has become a tool for landlords

Prison without guards or weapons in Brazil

Scanner: Processing Terabytes of Video on Hundreds of Machines

The CIA made a Magic: The Gathering-style card game for training agents

MTailor (YC S14) Is Looking for a Business, Operations and Supply Chain Analyst

Facebook Locking Out GDPR Users Until They Consent

The ‘Pedestrian’ Who Became One of America’s First Black Sports Stars

Age of Enlightenment: The Promise of Circadian Lighting

Extracting SSH Private Keys from Windows 10 ssh-agent

Barcelona is leading the fightback against smart city surveillance

Google sued for ’clandestine tracking’ of UK iPhone users’ browsing data

How a Kalman filter works, in pictures (2015)

Decrypting APT33’s Dropshot Malware with Radare2 and Cutter

Tintin – A soft documentation website generator for Haskell

How Developers Use Dynamic Features of Programming Languages: Smalltalk [pdf]

Show HN: Look Away to Pause YouTube (Experimental Chrome Extension)

Visiting Newton’s Atelier before The Principia, 1679-1684

Predatory Behavior Runs Rampant in Facebook’s Addiction Support Groups

Spend analysis of 6 years, 686 rides, and $12k spent on Uber (2017)

Live Coding in Sporth: A Stack-Based Language for Audio Synthesis [pdf]

Python for Lisp Programmers (2000)

Organ donations in the US are soaring amid the worsening opioid crisis

How a Company Scammed Silicon Valley and How It Got Caught

Scientists think the cell nucleolus may play an important role in aging

Update on Ad Blocking and Acceptable Ads

Humble Bundle: Web design and development ebooks

Inside an Amazon warehouse that ships your supersized purchases

3 ways to handle view model creation in Android with dagger and Kotlin

Extracting SSH Private Keys from Windows 10 Ssh-Agent

My Unpopular Career Advice for Today’s College Graduates

Tech Billionaires Are Building Their Utopias Without Asking Us

Recordings reveal Richard Nixon’s paranoia (2008)

Generating Climate Temperature Spirals in Python

Spectre v4 – Speculative Store Bypass (CVE-2018-3639 aka GPZ Variant 4)

Design for Humans: Or 14 Principles of Good Design

Apollo Unified S-Band Technical Conference (1965) [pdf]

Kenyon College: Nate Silver Commencement Address 2018 [video]

Show HN: Mud – Components for rapid c++ Apps/Engines Development (live web demo)

Tesla needs to sell more expensive Model 3 so the company doesn’t die, Musk says

GDPR Hysteria Part II, Nuts and Bolts, Actionable Advice

Intro to Python Image Processing in Computational Photography

Legal row over who owns domain

Speculative Store Bypass explained: what it is, how it works

Small group of iOS devs form “Developers Union” to request App Store changes

All the unhealthy productivity things I did as a founder