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Show HN: Wired-elements – UI web components with a hand drawn, sketchy look

A self-driving toy car using end-to-end learning

In Twitter’s early days, only one celebrity could tweet at a time

Show HN: – Automate your work with visual programming

Cool Backgrounds

Show HN: Chromely – Lightweight Alternative to Electron for .NET and .NET Core

Every 202,500 Years, Earth Wanders in a New Direction

Some frustrated publishers are sitting out Google’s GDPR meetings

Tor: 1100 relays still run end-of-life tor versions

Mathematical Education (1990)

Mortgage rates have been rising at a pace not seen in almost 50 years

Google ’stole my videos’, says film-maker Philip Bloom

Coyotes Conquered North America. Now They’re Heading South

Suggestive Drawing Among Humans and AIs

Drawpile is a free software collaborative drawing program

Chasing missing SIGINT signals down the SSH rabbit hole

Muons: the little-known particles helping to probe the impenetrable

Perspectives of Using Oscillators for Computing and Signal Processing

Totalbiscuit, one of gaming’s most popular YouTubers, has passed away

Why I think using sha256crypt or sha512crypt is dangerous

StumbleUpon closing after 16 years, accounts can be migrated to Mix

Postgres 11 Beta 1 released

Uber Self-Driving Car That Struck Pedestrian Wasn’t Set to Stop in an Emergency

Internal Documents Show Apple Knew the iPhone 6 Would Bend

1475 Migrant Children Placed in Homes by the U.S. Gov Went Missing Last Year

How to Generate Free Wildcard SSL Certificates with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu

Apple Rejects Valve’s Steam Link App Due to ’Business Conflicts’

What GDPR means for your app or side project

Gatsby, Open Source React-Based Static Site Generator, Gets Commercial Backing

It’s totally reasonable to chalk it up to cosmic rays (2007)

Electron Windows Protocol Handler RCE and MITM (bypass for CVE-2018-1000006 Fix)

Assessing Cavium’s ThunderX2: The Arm Server Dream Realized

Blockchain Based Tendering Framework – A Step Towards Open Governance

A simple mechanism could have been decisive for the development of life

Protocol for Asynchronous, Reliable, Secure and Efficient Consensus (PARSEC) [pdf]

React 16.4 release notes (pointer events)

Apple rejects Valve’s Steam Link game streaming app over ‘business conflicts’

American society increasingly mistakes intelligence for human worth (2016)

Three Charged in Fatal Kansas ‘Swatting’ Attack

The best of Python: a collection of my favorite articles from 2017/18 (so far)

Interview with Deliveroo couriers appealing bargaining-rights decision

Show HN: Anon – A Unix Command to Anonymise Data

No amount of alcohol, sausage or bacon is safe according to cancer experts

Why Proof-of-work isn’t suitable for small cryptocurrencies

Why Is New Zealand So Often Left Off World Maps?

Stellarator’s plasma results show a triumph of engineering and modeling

T-Mobile bug let anyone see any customer’s account details

John Bain, YouTube most subscribed PC gaming critic has passed on

Eric Lundgren, the E-Waste Refurbisher Microsoft Helped Send to Prison

Show HN: Pravda for the People: We Rate

[pdf] NetChain: Scale-Free Sub-RTT Coordination

Who Is Charlie Munger? Wit and Wisdom from World’s Most Irreverent Billionaire

Show HN: Real-time coediting API demo for TinyMCE

New evidence for existence of Planet Nine

Show HN: Launchaco Free Online AI Logo Maker

Show HN: Algo – Turn a Google Sheet into a Web App in 5 Min

The Structure of a Programming Language Revolution [pdf]

How OpenFaaS came to rescue us – Serverless Computing

Elon Musk thinks you can crowdsource truth: that’s not how the internet works

Bitcoin estimated to use 0.5% of the world’s electric energy by end of 2018

Show HN: An open-source platform for deploying static apps

Elon Musk wants to rate journalists. He’d call his site ’Pravda’

GDPR Hall of Shame

Cal Poly and UCB Win ACM Software Award for Jupyter

Apple Knew About iPhone 6 Bendgate/Touch Disease Months Before Repair Programs

NTSB: Uber’s sensors worked; its software utterly failed in fatal crash

Preliminary NTSB Crash Report of Deadly Arizona Uber Accident [pdf]

Bloomberg: In an era of hyper-wealth, economy-class rich starts at $25M