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Mussels test positive for opioids in Seattle’s Puget Sound

GDPR Causes Programmatic ad buying in Europe to drop 25 to 40 percent

GDPR for lazy people: Block all European users with Cloudflare Workers

Command Line and Windows Subsystem for Linux – The Windows 10 April Update

Continuous Domain Game of Life in Python with Numpy

Dungeons and Dragons: The revival of a ’geeky’ pastime

My Own Personal Nothingness: From childhood hallucination to theoretical physics

Ghostery exposed everyone’s email address in its GDPR email by not using BCC

PlanGrid (YC W12) Hiring Engineering Managers to Modernize Construction

Infection Monkey – An automated pentest tool

MIT Autonomous Vehicle Technology Study

Bumblebees confused by iridescent colors

The ReCode Project, an archive of computer art

How Amazon Plans To Use Whole Foods to Dominate the Retail Industry

CPAP: Back-up power and battery systems for travel

Black: An uncompromising Python code formatter

Reality Driven Development: Fixing Project Management in Software

Free Music Archive

GDPR: US news sites unavailable to EU users over data protection rules

On “From Java to Kotlin and Back Again”

ML Beyond Curve Fitting: An Intro to Causal Inference and Do-Calculus

Apple’s 7nm A12 chip could be the best feature in the 2018 iPhones

How can you tell if a quantum memory is really quantum?

There are real reasons for Linux to replace ifconfig, netstat, etc

Yarn registry was down

Golangci-lint: next generation of Go linters runner, 5x faster than gometalinter

Supernova-propelled white dwarf found zooming through Milky Way at 5 million mph

The forgotten 80s home robot trend

Vevo could have been ‘an existential threat’ to YouTube, but YouTube won

What’s New in DevTools (Chrome 68)

Things to know about the GDPR, Mozilla and Firefox

The FBI recommends everyone to reboot their routers

Attrs – The python library everyone needs (2016)

A client-side encrypted PasteBin

Restless Violet Shadows: The official color of the impressionists

Generating Climate Temperature Spirals in Python

Apple will start reporting government requests to remove apps from the App Store

Manipulating the Alpha Level Cannot Cure Significance Testing

Show HN: Hybrids – UI Library for Web Components with Simple and Functional API

We Have Probably Been Imagining Pterosaurs Wrongly

What Is Zero-Access Encryption and Why It Is Important for Security

Apple rejects Valve’s Steam Link game streaming app over ‘business conflicts’

Flipping the Metabolic Switch: Applying the Health Benefits of Fasting

GeoRuler – Distance and area measurement using GPS

Google and Facebook accused of breaking GDPR laws

In Germany, the use of cash has become a proxy for concerns about trust, privacy

Why is East Asian earwax different from black and white people’s earwax?

San Diego Zoo opens Walkabout Australia with Māori dancers, angering two nations

Ghostery Celebrates GDPR Day by Revealing Hundreds of User Email Addresses

82% of MoviePass Subscribers Have Gone to a Movie They Never Would Have Paid For

Show HN: GDPR templates to request/erase personal data

Facebook and Google hit with $8.8B in lawsuits on day one of GDPR

Elon Musk’s Twitter rant is a smoke-and-mirrors tactic hides truth about Tesla

Show HN: UserInsights – Get 5 minutes of real user feedback

Why Your Health Insurer Doesn’t Care About Your Big Bills

Design for plenty: a rich history of social, economic and agricultural ventures

San Francisco announces next steps in regulating shared, powered scooters

An Introduction to Mechanism Design

Huawei will stop providing bootloader unlocking for all new devices

Only 31% of California voters want to keep paying for bullet train

Forget fears of automation, your job is probably bullshit anyway

Show HN: (1 day project) I crawled +50k subreddits and made an interactive graph

MH17: Russia ’liable’ for downing airliner over Ukraine

Student lists his high school for sale on Craigslist, gets in trouble

Can’t use your lights anymore because we’re slathering your data around and GDPR