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A security vulnerability in Git that can lead to arbitrary code execution

1958 Imperial: What It’s Like to Drive an Auto-Pilot Car

Ocean waves play greater role in trapping CO2 than previously understood

Tesla in autopilot mode crashes into parked Laguna Beach police cruiser

A Universal Law of Procrastination (2016)

Zig: programming language designed for robustness optimality and clarity [video]

The vgo proposal is accepted. Now what?

The Philosophy of Computational Complexity

Drone-mapping slums for land titling – one pixel at a time

Cervus: A WebAssembly subsystem for Linux

The History of the Processing Programming Language

Introducing, an Open-Source Geospatial Toolbox

The Human Diagnosis Project is hiring software engineers

Learn cryptographic engineering by example’s sale of its digital tokens dwarfs other coin sales

Show HN: Recursive Recipes – directions to make food from scratch

Show HN: Deno, a secure TypeScript runtime using V8 and Go

A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography (2017)

Show HN: An Example Microservice Back End for Kubernetes, Bazel, Go, Java, GRPC

Read first pages of novels, and reveal the author and title if you’re hooked

Possible BGP hijack of

Japanese Whalers Killed 122 Pregnant Whales and 114 Babies Last Summer

High school physics course notes, with JavaScript simulations

400 Years of the Third Law – An overlooked and neglected revolution in astronomy

Books on Ancient Greece Recommended by Christopher Pelling

Differentiable Particle Filters: End-To-End Learning with Algorithmic Priors

Fif, a stack-based scripting language

Traffic flow measured on different 4-way junctions [video]

A new fast hash table in response to Google’s new fast hash table

A piece of Victorian science fiction considered first tale of urban apocalypse

Show HN: A Solidity library for verifying Ethereum message multi-signatures

Show HN: JQBX – Social Listening Web/Mobile App

A comparison of adaptive radix trees and hash tables [pdf]

Pwned Passwords in Practice: Real World Examples of Blocking the Worst Passwords

Why Is Front-End Development So Unstable? A Perspective

Microsoft is now more valuable than Alphabet by market cap

Driving a NES way beyond its limits by putting a Raspberry Pi in the cartridge

I wrote a negative Yelp review and it made my life a nightmare

Large Tesla Powerpack project quietly deployed at new solar project in Arizona

Middle name initials enhance evaluations of intellectual performance (2014)

FBI Is Wrong: All Routers Need to Be Reset, What to Do,news-27288.html

Challenges in Large FPGA-Based Logic Emulation Systems

NetBSD: a new version of the CDDL dtrace and ZFS code

Papua New Guinea bans Facebook for a month to root out ’fake users’

Observing the second law of thermodynamics in software

Show HN: Decoupled – A lightweight music player for iOS

Apple Releases iOS 11.4 with Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2

Unsupervised Predictive Memory in a Goal-Directed Agent

WhoisGuard Privacy Protection is now free

MariaDB 10.3 Stable Release Notes

Jeri Ellsworth and the demise of CastAR [audio]

Show HN: – how to do a GDPR request and what the site will return

Show HN: Golimit – Ringpop-based distributed and decentralized rate limiter

Another Taxi Driver in Debt Takes His Life. That’s 5 in 5 Months

The EU’s copyright proposal is so bad, it even outlaws Creative Commons licenses

Show HN: Monsiv – A lightweight alternative to Chess

Early-life seizures prematurely wake up brain networks tied to autism

Tesla Model 3 drives 606 miles on a single charge in hypermiling record

Show HN: Klaro – open-source consent management for websites (GDPR and ePrivacy)

Microsoft .Net Core telemetry is not opt-in

Why It’s So Hard to Learn Another Language After Childhood

The Unbelievably Teched-Out Houses of Smart-Home Obsessives

Russian journalist and Kremlin critic Arkady Babchenko shot dead in Kiev

Show HN: Serverless, DB-less Blog

5G Wireless Service Is Coming, And So Are Health Concerns

Show HN: Stacks – A bookshelf for your MOOCs

Life of a C# Developer: How to build and test an AWS Lambda locally

Show HN: Keras implementation of Faster-RCNN applied to self driving vehicles

How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People

So Your Startup Received the Nightmare GDPR Letter

Google Censors Content at the Whim of Russian Government

Nootropic Paradise or How Brain-Enhancing Drugs Are Changing the Workplace

Tesla is building up in-house insurance as Model S tops most expensive to insure

What It’s Like When Elon Musk’s Twitter Mob Comes After You