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“Markets are efficient if and only if P = NP”

Leaked Emails Show Google Expected Military Drone AI Work to Grow Exponentially

ARM Details “Project Trillium” Machine Learning Processor Architecture

ANZ, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup face ’criminal cartel’ charges

Telegram App Says Apple Is Blocking Updates Over Dispute with Russia

Side-channel attacking browsers through CSS3 features

Revisiting the Arcan (“Desktop Engine”) and Durden ("Hacker Desktop") Project

Katran: A high-performance layer 4 load balancer

Windows gifski.exe with a digital signature

MTailor (YC S14) Is Hiring a Creative Director

Parallel Programming in Futhark

When an implementation monoculture might be the right thing

Power Laws and Rich-Get-Richer Phenomena (2010) [pdf]

Amazon follows Google and Apple and bans system-wide ad blockers on app store

WAMP – Web Application Messaging Protocol

In the World of Cryptocurrency, Even Good Projects Can Go Bad

Scientists find ’friendliness’ genes that distinguish dogs from wolves

How to Program a Quantum Computer [video]

FDA permits marketing of AI algorithm for detecting wrist fractures

Modern Fertility (YC S17) is a proactive way to test fertility at home

Wireless laser power transmission using a gain medium between retroreflectors

Opening of Romeo and Juliet Recited in the Accent of Shakespeare’s Time [video]

China’s SenseTime, the world’s highest-valued AI startup, closes $620M round

A Long Way to the Top: Significance, Structure, Stability of Internet Top Lists

The birthrate in the U.S. is the lowest it’s been in 30 years

The TSA has a watch list of people who present “challenges” to screening

The Original Serverless Architecture Is Still Here

Google’s Area 120 incubator aims to improve your NYC subway commute with Pigeon

Michael Jackson Estate Turns the ’Fair Use’ Tables on Disney

Ringing the chords of the Universe: how music influenced science

Fizz – experimental language and runtime environment

Nvidia launches colossal HGX-2 cloud server to power HPC and AI

An Advocacy Group for Startups Is Funded by Google and Run by Ex-Googlers

A few words on Doug Engelbart (2013)

Google Developer Documentation Style Guide

WTF: A personal information dashboard for your terminal

Tesla Model 3 teardown points to $28k in potential material and production cost

Show HN: OPML generator for following your starred GitHub project releases

Where Lost Bodies Roam: Beckett’s Political Imagination

Vermont will pay people $10,000 to move there and work remotely

Vermont will cover $10K of expenses for people who move there and work remotely

Uber CEO says Uber and Alphabet are discussing working together on self-driving

Introduction to the Pony programming language

Show HN: Maid – Markdown driven task runner

Why America Is the World’s First Poor Rich Country

SXKDVM – Run an OS X KVM virtual machine inside a Docker container

If you’re a software engineer, where should you live to maximize your income?

Amazon to block Australian shoppers from its US website

The ’Thanksgiving Effect’ and the Creepy Power of Phone Location Data

Forget fears of automation, your job is probably bullshit anyway

Tesla’s over-the-air brake upgrade was amazing–and also a bit worrying

Google and the DoD’s Disturbing “Maven” A.I. Project Presentation Document

GDPR and Your website – Guide to privacy and peace of mind

OpenBSD Kernel Internals: Creation of process from user-space to kernel space

How to Install Tensorflow GPU with CUDA 9.2 for Python on Ubuntu

State Websites Are Hackable and That Could Compromise Election Security

Apple and Russia Face Off Over Telegram on App Store

German Court Rules on ICANN Request to Preserve WHOIS Data

Scientists Have Discovered Massive Canyons Beneath Antarctica’s Ice Sheets

Uber is in talks to add Waymo’s self-driving cars to its network, CEO says

DroneCI Shutting Down Forum Due to GDPR Complaints

Phishing Protection at the DNS Level. Comparing DNS-Based Security Filters

How Trump’s Election Shook Obama: ‘What If We Were Wrong?’

TIME’s Latest Cover Photo Is a Drone Photo of 958 Drones

Advice to read before buying a course from Udemy

Australians will no longer be able to order from Amazon’s American site

Google Is Listing “Nazism” as the Ideology of the California Republican Party

Discussion if Google Fonts is GDPR compliant

The psychological tricks TfL uses to make London’s tube feel faster

Zeldman on frameworks and Web misuse

Thanksgiving Got Shorter After the 2016 Election, Study Says

Google Emerges as Early Winner from Europe’s New Data Privacy Law

EU Member States agree on monitoring and filtering of internet uploads

The iPhone dongle is still my fucking nightmare

C Standard Undefined Behavior vs. Wittgenstein [pdf]