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Hardware Guy – A short story (2010)

Revive – Fast, configurable, extensible linter for Go

A ’self-eating’ rocket engine could put satellites in orbit more easily

The Trouble with Theories of Everything (2015)

The effect of cryptocurrency mining on LTE spectrum

F*EX – Frams’ Fast File EXchange

Pixelfed: Open Source ActivityPub-Based Photo Sharing App

Lottie for Android, iOS, React Native, and Web

Show HN: Slack Lunch Club

GoCardless Is Hiring Engineers/PMs/Data Scientists/Program Managers (London)

Password Hacking on TENEX: Using Paged Virtual Memory to Break Security

NMOS IC Reverse Engineering (2017)

Business Model of a Botnet

Neighbourly by Google

Google Won’t Renew Contract for Project Maven, Pentagon Drone AI Imaging Program

Flattr now deletes your web browsing history within 3 months

My favorite things that are coming with Julia 1.0

On teaching mathematics by V.I. Arnold (1997)

Seniors Are More Conservative Because the Poor Don’t Survive to Become Seniors

Show HN: Remote Job Rocks – The simplest remote job board on the web

Visa card network crashes, causing increased decline rates across UK and Europe

Politics is bad because we use an 18th century voting system

How to get rich without getting lucky

Emacs 26 Brings Generators and Threads

SweetyGo:A Light and Fast Go Web Framework

Thousands of criminals were cleared to be Uber drivers

As Uber and Tesla struggle with driverless cars, Waymo moves forward

Telegram Gets First Update After Six Week App Store Lockout

Ending the Drug War Would Unleash the Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics

JerryRigEverything reveals a ridiculous flaw in a $100 crowdfunded smart lock

Principles for Success by Ray Dalio

A Major Physics Experiment Just Detected a Particle That Shouldn’t Exist

Show HN: BlockTube - YouTube content blocker

Google is labeling a Trump-supporting Republican state senator a “BIGOT”

A common antimicrobial additive increases colonic inflammation

Show HN: Python visibility graph simulator

How San Quentin Inmates Built a Search Engine for Prison

Google reportedly leaving Project Maven military AI program after 2019

Feds seize 64-year-old man’s life savings, without bringing any crime charges

US millionaire charged with labourer’s nuclear bunker death

Melting Arctic sends a message: Climate change is here in a big way

Evolution’s Worst Mistake? How About External Testicles?

OSv: The Open Source Cloud Operating System That Is Not Linux (2013)

An Exploit Left Millions of Steam Users Vulnerable for the Past 10 Years

Hacker Defaces Ticketfly’s Website, Steals Customer Database

Show HN: Persistence of sklearn models, tens of times faster, smaller

Show HN: Smalltalk Environment for Web Development

I’ve finally found a Windows laptop worth ditching the MacBook for

Article 13 could “destroy the internet as we know it”

State Websites Are Hackable – And That Could Compromise Election Security

4Chan Is Turning 15–And Remains the Internet’s Teenager

Facebook Kills ’Trending’ Topics, Will Test ’Breaking News’ Label

Google Is Said to Not Renew Pentagon Contract That Upset Employees

Tesla ‘on autopilot’ smashes into parked police car