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Ted Dabney, a Founder of Atari and a Creator of Pong, Has Died

MIT 9.11: The Human Brain (Spring 2018)

A diary written on castle floorboards

Game Boy Camera Canon EF Lens Mount

Horovod: Distributed Training Framework for TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch

Facebook moving away from React Native?

An arcane new accounting standard is helping reporters follow the money

Deep learning: a critical appraisal

Fullstack Academy is looking for developers who love teaching

The beginnings of the end of private life in the late nineteenth century

Dockless bikes: Are they bad for station-based bike-sharing systems?

A Vault containing seeds for virtually every edible plant

Why did prehistoric Americans fashion the enigmatic bannerstones?

OpenDUNE – An open-source recreation of the game Dune II

Static access control using phantom types (2008)

Europa: Browser-Based AudioWorklet Synth

Linux Cryptography: Speck’s real standing with the academic community

Wage Theft is a Bigger Problem Than Other Forms of Theft

Sinsy: HMM-based Singing Voice Synthesis System

Show HN: Verdaccio – Open-Source Lightweight private NPM proxy registry

More data and surveillance are transforming justice systems

A River of Warblers: ‘the Greatest Birding Day of My Life’

Are you scared yet? Meet Norman, the psychopathic AI

BQP Not in the Polynomial-Time Hierarchy in Relativized Worlds

PicoEVB – Artix-7 FPGA board with M.2 interface

Improve Your Privacy in the Age of Mass Surveillance

Show HN: Consentful, GDPR consent manager for marketing purpose

GrafX2 – a bitmap paint program inspired by Amiga programs

Faroe Islands fit cameras to sheep to create Google Street View (2016)

Judge rules that Amazon isn’t liable for damages caused by a hoverboard it sold

Unwrapping and Visualizing Cuneiform Tablets (2002)

Boulder-Size Clues to How Humans Settled the Americas

Ace: a syntax-driven C preprocessor (1989) [pdf]

Why We Engage in FLOSS: Answers from Core Developers

A Course in Machine Learning

Tracking Planes with RTL-SDR, Apache Kafka, KSQL, Kibana and a Raspberry Pi

Abel’s Theorem in Problems and Solutions (2004) [pdf]

The US creates ’nice’ malware. In other news, the sun sets in the east,-the-sun-sets-in-the-east.html

Replacing JQuery with Vue.js: No Build Step Necessary

An Introduction to WebObjects, in Swift

Tesla can change so much with OTA updates that it’s messing with owners’ heads

Show HN: Git-Ready to Deploy? Check for uncommitted and non-pushed changes

A central extended amygdala circuit that modulates anxiety

Google Swift Style Guide

Show HN: Diwata – a user-friendly database interface for PostgreSQL

Show HN: The Hungarian maximum likelihood trick

“Nvidia’s Next Generation Mainstream GPU” Preso Briefly Listed for Hot Chips

Increased oversight coming to SF agencies’ untracked use of prepaid gift cards

Leaked screenshots of Xcode 10 on macOS 10.14

Inside my ‘haunting’ time as the first American to study in North Korea

Did Science Miss Its Best Shot at an AIDS Vaccine?

A Primer on Separation Logic (Automatic Program Verification and Analysis)(2011) [pdf]

MH370 Didn’t Just Disappear, It Was Caught in a Swamp of Corruption

Why CarMax Makes More Money on Used Cars Than Anyone Else

How Microsoft stole my code and then spit on it

The World’s Largest GMO Study Was Launched by Russians. Then It Disappeared

Asian Americans Are the Least Likely Group to Be Promoted to Management

A Graphene Aerogel Is 99.8% Air and as Strong as Steel