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Microsoft has sunk a data centre in the sea to investigate energy efficiency

State of Washington sues Facebook and Google over failure to disclose spending

AMD Reveals Threadripper 2: Up to 32 Cores, 250W, X399 Refresh

Caltech glassblower’s retirement has scientists sighing (2016)

Show HN: LogicEmu – Online Logic Simulator

How to be a Manager – A step-by-step guide to leading a team

Open Source License Helper Tool

U.S. lawmaker: ’Sure looks like Zuckerberg lied to Congress’

ServiceFabric: a distributed platform for building microservices in the cloud

ZeroCater nabs $12M in funding- Seeking Director of Engineering to grow team

SEC Names Valerie A. Szczepanik Senior Advisor for Digital Assets and Innovation

Show HN: Grep with colours written in Go

Project Capillary: End-to-end encryption for push messaging, simplified

Show HN: Python library for learning binarytrees

XNU kernel heap overflow due to bad bounds checking in MPTCP

The Beginning of the Monte Carlo Method (1987)

GitLab Ultimate and Gold now free for education and open source

In Hopes of Attracting Foreign Audiences, Broadway Tries a Translation App

Digital license plates finally hit the road in California

Behind the Messy, Expensive Split Between Facebook and WhatsApp’s Founders

Show HN: – Automate ads based on weather, CRM, etc.

How I stopped being awful at managing: Leadership lessons from a Dev

GitHub XP – GitHub Windows XP Theme

An Open Licensing Organization for Open Source Software

Hype and plunder: Domo a new low for self-indulgent IPOs

Super Commuters Explain Why Their Neighborhoods Are Worth It

Torvalds: Standards need to be questioned

The FTC is investigating DNA firms like 23andMe and Ancestry over privacy

Why Development Teams Struggle to Deliver on Time, on Budget, or at All, a catalogue of public government data

Grab drivers in Southeast Asia are now convenience stores, too

Intel demonstrates a 28-core processor running at 5GHz

Why removing the TCP pseudo-header doesn’t help mobility

New Asus ’gaming’ phone has more USB ports than 13“ Macbook Pro

[jwz] The history of Microsoft should not be ignored because of “recent changes”

An Ancient Virus May Be Responsible for Human Consciousness

OpenBSD patches rumoured Spectre-like vulnerability

Sing App – Open Source Admin Dashboard Template with Stylish Design

LGBTQ creators call out YouTube for ongoing homophobic ads, demonetization

Montréal AI Symposium

In seconds, we faked our way into a political campaign, got unsecured voter data

Apple will attempt to jam Facebook’s web-tracking tools

Psychologist Says “Just Do It” as Research Shows You Will Regret It If You Don’t

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi memo instructs employees to say they ’have the D’

Show HN: fastjson - Fast JSON Parsing for Go

Why does array[i++%n] += i+“ ” give different results in Java 8 and Java 10?

US government to use facial recognition technology at Mexico border crossing

Tesla unveils new white next-gen Roadster prototype at shareholder meeting

Amazon’s new all-in-one and laptop designs could get Alexa into even more PCs

Show HN: Social Media Giveaway App

FCC Emails Show Agency Spread Lies to Bolster Dubious DDoS Attack Claims

Guitar Hero Live goes offline in December, making 92% of songs unplayable

What if we replaced politicians with randomly selected people? – TED Talk

A free, teacher-less university in France is schooling thousands of programmers

John Hennessy and David Patterson 2017 ACM A.M. Turing Award Lecture

New technology for electricity could double the efficiency of the power grid

Intel Demos 28-Core Processor Clocked at 5GHz,37201.html

If Microsoft buying GitHub freaks you out, here are your best alternatives

Immune recognition of somatic mutations leading to complete regression in cancer

Stop whining about Microsoft buying GitHub, everything will be O.K

Show HN: Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

Someone’s feeling optimistic: Sourceforge advertises migration tool in Homepage

Udacity and Google launch free career courses for interview prep

Show HN: Beetle-Race. (Unscientific) Visualization of Reinforcement Learning

Changing someone’s work environment is fraught with danger – Citrix Blogs

JetBrains: user disapproval of monochrome icons

Amnesty research reveals the civilian toll of bombings by US-led forces in Syria

GitLab’s high-end plans are now free for open source projects and schools

Kate Spade, American Designer and Entrepreneur, Is Dead at 55