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Cutter – A Qt and C++ GUI for Radare2 reverse engineering framework

Extracting the private key from a TREZOR with an oscilloscope (2015)

Has India’s Booming IT Industry Finally Plateaued?

Show HN: CircuitVerse – Online Digital Circuit Simulator

F-Secure Anti-Virus: Remote Code Execution via Solid RAR Unpacking

Juno Solves 39-Year Old Mystery of Jupiter Lightning

Playing Atari with Six Neurons

D-Day: How a British Oceanographer’s Invention Decided Normandy’s Fate

AI-Powered Presentations

The MiniBooNE experiment at Fermilab may have found hints of a new particle

A Friendly Introduction to Cross-Entropy Loss (2016)

Things I Regret About Node.js [video]

Kallithea – Aself-hosted alternative to GitHub

Food Discovery with Uber Eats: Building a Query Understanding Engine

Logic is Metaphysics (2011) [pdf]

Transdifferentiation of human adult peripheral blood T cells into neurons

Light Phone 2: A simple 4G phone with e-ink

A Critic Uses the DMCA to Avoid Criticism

Hardware Transactional Persistent Memory

Hiring engineers to help change education at Clever (YC S12)

JEP 335: Deprecate the Nashorn JavaScript Engine

Introducing DNS Resolver for Tor

Truth First, or Why You Should Mostly Implement Database-First Designs

Washington Post publishes dataset of 52,000 criminal homicides

Retguard: An improved stack protector for OpenBSD

Using Countdown Clock Data to Understand the New York City Subway

Estonian Manors

Chinese Border Police Install Software on My Android Device

Show HN: Blasjs – Pure Javascript implementation of BLAS

What we just learned about the Magic Leap One’s hardware

Phabricator – GitHub Alternative written in PHP used by the Wikimedia Foundation

28 Cores of Bulls#t – Intel’s “5GHz” Parlor Trick

The New Yorker has formed a union

Australia drafts laws forcing Facebook and Google to reveal encrypted data

Librem 5 Makes Major Strides in Manufacturing and Development

Medical Mystery Grows as U.S. Consulate Workers in China Fall Ill

Java: "+=" applied to String operands can provoke side effects

Show HN: The Best and Worst Stock and Options Trading APIs Repo

Some Airbus Superjumbos Head to Scrapyards Due to Weak Demand – Skift

Raymond E. Feist on Building a World from Scratch

Oracle Lays Off Java Mission Control Team After Open-Sourcing Product

The single most important criteria when replacing GitHub

Show HN: Point your repos to their new home

Show HN: Flute – my attempt at a better email API

Show HN: Generate an image of all your GitHub Contributions

VPNFilter Update – VPNFilter exploits endpoints, targets new devices

Nat Friedman, New CEO of GitHub, Will Do Reddit AMA on June 7th

Visual Studio Code – May 2018 Update

gitpub: adding support for git to ActivityPub

GitPub: federating Git services

Social Security says system’s costs will exceed income this year

YouTube is still restricting and demonetizing LGBT videos

UPS Has 260,000 Union Workers and They’ve Just Authorized a Strike

Meet the people who still use Myspace: ’It’s given me so much joy’

The odd reality of life under China’s all-seeing credit score system

Sen. Jeff Merkley says images of migrant processing center “seared” in his mind

“Good Luck with That” Public License

Phone case turns your iPhone 8 Plus or Pixel 2 XL into an “X-ray” machine

Google braced for Brussels penalty over abuse of Android market dominance

What I Have Learned from My Arbitrage Experiences with Cryptoassets

How to build a basic Salesforce REST API integration

Using IoT to protect rhinos from poachers

Show HN: React-admin, a front end framework for building admins

Meet the people who still use Myspace: ’It’s given me so much joy’

Model 3 is now the best-selling mid-sized premium sedan in the USA

A Mathematical Model for Computing the Total Area Under a Curve (1993)

Gitea – Alternative to GitLab and GitHub

Facebook confirms data-sharing agreements with Chinese firms

Fossil – High-reliability, distributed software configuration management system

Facebook confirms data-sharing deals with Huawei and other Chinese companies

Apple Deprecates OpenGL Across All OSes; Urges Developers to Use Metal

Police broke into Chelsea Manning’s home with guns drawn in a “Wellness Check”

Apple: Deprecation of OpenGL and OpenCL