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AI at Google: our principles

Sucking carbon dioxide from air is cheaper than scientists thought

A Rust-Based Unikernel: First Version of a Rust-Based LibOS

Godot gets a brand new animation editor (with cinematic support)

Reinforcement Learning: From Zero to State of the Art with Pytorch 4

Justice Dept. Seizes Times Reporter’s Email/Phone Records in Leak Investigation

How The New York Times Uses Software to Recognize Members of Congress

For more and more people, work appears to serve no purpose

NTSB: Autopilot steered Tesla car toward traffic barrier before deadly crash

Life as a GitHub Intern: What laser cutting taught me about contribution graphs

Developers are manufacturing prefabricated apartment buildings

Raising a Very Unusual Round of Funding and Open-Sourcing Our Docs

Functional Geekery Episode 48 – Matthias Felleisen [audio]

Reconciling Abstraction with High Performance: A MetaOCaml Approach

Applesauce – Make exact images of copy-protected Apple II floppy disks

NASA Finds Ancient Organic Material, Mysterious Methane on Mars

Facebook bug set 14M users’ sharing settings to public

Giteabot account was compromised

You’re never too old to learn to code

The Emerald Programming Language

Vial and Error: Science’s wonders are oft built on blunders (2016)

Show HN: µFSM – A state chart library for embedded applications

The EU’s Copyright Proposal Is Extremely Bad News for Everyone, Even Wikipedia

I Quit My Job to Live on Donations

Scribd (YC S06) Is Hiring Search, Web and Android Engineering Managers

Ions: Develop cloud applications by deploying to a running Datomic cluster

The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2018

Show HN: Kubernetes operator to automatically deploy and run Tor hidden services

Show HN: Source Code for JSConfEU WebGL Visuals

All the people Apple just pissed off to better protect your privacy

IPVanish “No-Logging” VPN Led Homeland Security to Comcast User

Realtime tSNE Visualizations with TensorFlow.js

Caffeine dosing strategies to optimize alertness during sleep loss

Show HN: – Web app license validation

US government to use facial recognition technology at Mexico border crossing

Steve Jobs Promised Open Source FaceTime Back in 2010: What Happened?

Show HN: Track and Control Your PDFs

Haxe: Cross-Platform Development’s Best-Kept Secret

Why You Shouldn’t Use Bright, Saturated Colors for Backgrounds

Honolulu lawmakers agree to cap surge pricing for Uber and Lyft

ZTE of China to Pay $1B Fine in Deal to End U.S. Sanctions

German Environmental Minister Returned Tesla Model S Over Charging Range Anxiety

Musk promises manufacturing, self-driving, battery breakthroughs–and profits

Motivating You to Learn Machine Learning – Zero to Hero

Some Airbus Superjumbos Head to Scrapyards Due to Weak Demand

Valve allows devs to put anything on steam unless illegal or trolling

Curiosity Rover Finds Ancient ’Building Blocks for Life’ on Mars

Twitter started blocking links to some fake news sites

What Will Microsoft’s GitHub Buy Mean for Controversial Code?

Firefox dropped below the 10% share value on Netmarketshare

Bogus copyright and trademark complaints: EFF’s Hall Of Shame

Show HN: Dedicated VPN Server(s) with Tor Bridges and a Tiny Hardware Client

Suicide rising across the US

The Unix Philosophy and a Fear of Pixels