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Ok-Cancel versus Cancel-Ok

Slip Coaches: Back When British Express Trains Detached Passenger Cars at Speed

Special Paint on the Hood of the World War II Jeep Could Detect Mustard Gas

Sending Cat Pictures Over The Phone

Living APIs and the Case for GraphQL

Maybe the Gig Economy Isn’t Reshaping Work After All

Use Emacs Org Mode and REST APIs for an up-to-date stock portfolio

Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened?

The ties between Silicon Valley and the military run deep

Facebook Gave Some Companies Access to Additional Data About Users’ Friends

Hacker News Highlights: April and May 2018

The Biggest and Weirdest Commits in Linux Kernel Git History (2017)

Network.framework: A modern alternative to sockets

VFS shim that allows a SQLite database to be appended to another file

GoCardless Is Hiring Engineers/PMs/Data Scientists/Program Managers (London)

Aerospike Engines: Why aren’t we using them now?

Current Inflation Has Different Effects on Different Age Groups

What to Do When a Loved One Is Severely Depressed

Accelerated Computing Powering World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Reverse Engineering the Mind: Brain and Cognitive Sciences [video]

Fuzzy Logic in Agent-Based Game Design [pdf]

Nearly 80% of Japan’s Airbnbs removed in response to new home-share law

Australian drug raid officers seize $350,000 in Cryptocurrency

How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions

Once Again, New York State Considers a Terrible Right of Publicity Law

Elizabeth Holmes, Somehow, Is Trying to Start a New Company

This weed-killing AI robot can tell crops apart

Malady mongers: How drug companies sell treatments by inventing diseases

Spin Up an HTAP Database in 5 Minutes with TiDB and TiSpark

Two Quantum Computing Bills Are Coming to US Congress

DropIt – A file uploader built with Node.js

Intel: We ’Forgot’ to Mention 28-Core, 5-GHz CPU Demo Was Overclocked,37244.html

Design of CMOS-memristor Circuits for LSTM architecture

Show HN: Dataturks, online annotation tool for text and vision ML

Show HN: While teaching a class of kids, I made this programming game for them

4-2: The History of Super Mario Bros.’ Most Infamous Level

Congress is less than 50 votes from passing a motion to save net neutrality

The Mod Archive

Talkin’ Treble: How Android engineers are winning the war on fragmentation

Show HN: Silogizma – Deductive reasoning tool

Show HN: Uphack – Decentralized Hackernews Powered by Tendermint Consensus

Bitcoin trading in Venezuela is skyrocketing amid 14,000% inflation

The U.S Just Beat China to develop the world’s fastest supercomputer

Show HN: I Made Alexa Work on Apple Watch

Node.js Creator Blasts Node.js, Offers a Secure TypeScript-Based Alternative

EU committee will vote on an apocalyptically stupid, copyright proposal