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Polyaxon – An open source platform for reproducible machine learning at scale

Why emergency braking systems sometimes hit parked cars and lane dividers

6502 arithmetic and why it is terrible

European Commission not GDPR compliant though it was responsible for the law

Some notes on high speed networking on PCs

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Art Is Becoming a Financial Product, and Blockchain Is Making It Happen

Solve the Proposition 13 problem by paying off the difference when you sell

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Chinese city gets ’smartphone zombie’ walkway

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The Curmudgeonly Genre-Spanning Philip Wylie

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Why is syphilis on the rise?

The 640K memory limit of MS-DOS

Johnny Pi, I am your father – part 8: reading, translating and more

Modern C++ Features – std::optional

JS Paint has a new domain,

NBA analytics and RDF graphs: Game, data, and metadata evolution, Occam’s razor

Speeding Up Compilation Time with Scalac-profiling

First Impressions of the Rust Programming Language

One Year of PostmarketOS: Mainline Calling

Magic, Art, and Scanimation (2014) [video]

Show HN: Devpen – Markdown Editor with GitHub Style

BSDCan: Theo de Raadt speculates on new undisclosed Intel bug [video]

Predicting Price Changes in Ethereum (2017) [pdf]

Windows users attacked via critical Flash zero-day: Patch now, urges Adobe

L.A. couple is housing homeless people, one small building at a time

OpenBSD, C, httpd and SQLite – Web App stack

Bryan Caplan’s ‘The Case Against Education’ – A Review

John Hennessy and David Patterson Turing Award Lecture

Tesla might have achieved battery energy density and cost breakthroughs

Setup an Nginx reverse proxy for your Docker containers

Auth0 Glitch Allows Attackers to Launch Phishing Attacks

Simone Giertz is okay (tumor was noncancerous)

Debcargo 2 ready for general use, to generate Debian rust packages

Talkin’ Treble: How Android engineers are winning the war on fragmentation

Pegatron likely to land new MacBook orders from Apple, say sources