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Alternatives to Google Products

Attacks against machine learning – an overview

Open Source SVG Icons Library – Vivid.js

Building the Software 2.0 Stack by Andrej Karpathy [video]

Amazon2csv: Amazon products scraper to CSV (no API token required)

Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi

Anders Hejlsberg on Modern Compiler Construction (2016) [video]

Why do CNNs generalize so poorly to small image transformations?

The C256 Phoenix Project aka What Commodore 256 could have been like

Show HN: ChromeREPL, Interact with Chrome from Sublime Text

Researchers suggest that R.E.M. sleep serves to warm the brain

2D or not 2D (in the C++ Standard) – that is the question

How to Print Floating-Point Numbers Accurately (1990) [pdf]

Lifestyle plugins for BitBar – Put anything in your Mac OS X menu bar

Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL (2016)

The Great Wallpaper Rebellion: Defending Flamboyance in a World of White Walls

Calendar Versioning

PCG: a family of better random number generators

The limitations of gradient descent as a principle of brain function

An overview of gradient descent optimization algorithms

Make School (YC W12) Is Hiring Web, Data Science, and iOS Instructors

Mexico’s Sistema Huaulta cave is bigger than previously thought

Reverse engineering Animal Crossing’s developer mode

Slaacd: userland IPv6 interface autoconfiguration in OpenBSD [pdf]

Show HN: I am bootstrapping a video-based Duolingo competitor

Popularity of technology on Stack Overflow and Hacker News: Causality Analysis

Physicists used atomic clocks to test the theory of general relativity

GitHub and Open-Source Is a Boon for the Underprivileged

Opus Magnum – Automated Puzzle Solver [video]

Talkin’ Treble: How Android engineers are winning the war on fragmentation

A career decision influenced by Nassim Taleb

To understand 2001 a Space Odyssey, you HAVE to interpret it through the Odyssey

H-1B visa to green card: Wait time for Indian workers is up to 151 years: report

Lost Japanese Video Games Discovered in a Folder on a Private Forum

Canada Uses Excel as Random Number Generator for Immigration Purposes

Subscription Based Crowdfunding for SaaS

Daniel Stenberg (creator of cURL) unable to enter the US again this year

Show HN: 3D engine using WebGL 2, WebAssembly

Show HN: "API to send notifications"

Seamlessly fused digital-analogue reconfigurable computing using memristors [pdf]

Politicians from Germany’s FDP sue over Network Enforcement Act

Show HN: HN Sakura – see quick rising/falling HN posts before they’re gone

HIV vaccine elicits antibodies in animals that neutralize dozens of HIV strains

Show HN: I created my first dApp, an Ethereum version of Reddit’s r/TheButton

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes allegedly looking to start another company