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Obfuscated Tiny C Compiler (2002)

FBG – Lightweight C Linux framebuffer graphics with parallelism

How Benedict Arnold went from wartime hero to resentful traitor

How pro rata works in venture capital deals (2017)

100 Years Ago This Week American Socialist Jailed for Anti-World War Speech

Humans grow linearly, companies grow exponentially – interview with Khalid Halim

Vynchronize – A fun realtime video sync platform for friends

The Math of Card Shuffling

5G standard is ready: Rel-15 success spans 3GPP groups

Dispatch: web-based IRC client in Go

Using Harpoon-Like Appendages, Bacteria ‘Fish’ for New DNA

Some Words on Programming the Atari Jaguar (2006)

Audio Modem Communication Library in Python

A general technique for automating NES games (2013)

Teach Programming to become a better programmer

Show HN: A SIMD-accelerated noise library in Rust

How Ceiling Fans Allowed Slaves to Eavesdrop on Plantation Owners

What caused the Black Death and could it strike again? (2016)

Design Tip: Never Use Black (2012)

Netflix Is Why AT&T bought Time Warner, and Comcast and Disney want Fox

ActorDB – Distributed SQL database

Answer: Seed dispersal mechanisms for giant seeds? (and search strategies)

After twenty years of Salesforce, what Marc Benioff got right wrong about cloud

8K 13.3’’ OLED laptop screen [video]

Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing, Now Available for Model Rockets

Harvard discrimination lawsuit: data show penalization of Asian-Americans

Vendors, Disclosure, and a bit of WebUSB Madness

The importance of stupidity in scientific research (2008)

Good Ideas, Through the Looking Glass (2005) [pdf]

Memory Management – Changes for the programmer over the years

500px will no longer be offering free access to our API

In an age of all-knowing algorithms, how do we choose not to know?

Tesla car catches fire in California traffic

Using a Proof Assistant to Teach Programming Language Foundations (2010) [video]

Web Player for Apple Music (using MusicKit JS)

LemonGraph – A log-based transactional graph

Show HN: Mentat – group chat with tags and pretty good privacy

The Kubernetes Vertical Pod Autoscaler Through a Java Example

Zapcc – A caching C++ compiler based on clang

My Data Request: Request your data from over 100 companies

Go package to make ASCII line graphs

RebirthDB: community-developed fork of the RethinkDB database

Go West Young Firm: The Value of Entrepreneurial Migration for Startups [pdf]

Is there a tool that summarises ’what a program did’ in linux?

Agnotology: the study of culturally induced ignorance or doubt

C++Now 2018: Eberhard Gräther “The Untapped Potential of Software Visualization”

A statistical technique for measuring space creation in professional soccer [pdf]

Show HN: End procrastination now.A menubar app to motivate you to get stuff done

Doom 3 Mod “Phobos” – Episode 1 Gameplay Trailer

I created a proof of concept Xcode for iPad (using a Mac as build server)

Study finds less corruption in countries where more women are in government

Washington Post employees want to go on strike because Bezos isn’t paying enough

Kilauea Fissure 8: Lava moving very quickly [video]

Two stars will merge in 2022 and explode into red fury

Tesla goes up in flames in video captured by actor Mary McCormack

Rethinking GPS: Engineering Next-Gen Location at Uber